SCIEX and Evosep Collaborate to Enhance High-Throughput Proteomics

SCIEX and Evosep have established a collaboration to co-market solutions designed to enhance the stability of high-throughput proteomics systems for precision medicine.

SCIEX, a leading US-based company in the field of mass spectrometry and Danish protein-based clinical diagnostics specialist Evosep, intend to work with a number of joint clients to build and validate proteomics-based assays utilising the ZenoTOF 7600 mass spectrometer and the Evosep One liquid chromatography platform.

Improving high-throughput proteomics workflows for precision medicine

Proteomics based on mass spectrometry (MS) has become a standard tool in biological research, and it now has the potential to be similarly useful in precision medicine and large-scale multi-omics studies. The speed and reliability required for precision medicine and biomarker discovery have posed a challenge for proteomics. But thanks to recent innovations in sample preparation, chromatography, and mass spectrometry, accurate proteome quantitation in high throughput mode for thousands of samples is now possible.

Dr. Jose Castro-Perez, Senior Director of Accurate Mass Product Management at SCIEX said:

“The ZenoTOF 7600 system with its enhanced speed of acquisition and sensitivity improvements can detect and quantify up to 40% more proteins than our previous systems and EAD fragmentation delivers new capabilities for post-translational modifications – an important but challenging area in biomarker research. The Evosep One adds even more sensitivity and higher throughput to be the perfect match for translational proteomics on a very large scale.”

Dr Nicolai Bache, Head of Application, Evosep elaborates:

“The Evosep One separation solution fits perfectly with the focused applications developed by SCIEX. It can provide one to two orders of magnitude better sensitivity with its low-flow rate methods while still being extremely robust and easy to use.”

The companies intend to expand their relationship in the future to include other applications and instrument platforms.

About Evosep

Evosep aims to improve patient care and quality of life by radically innovating protein-based clinical diagnostics, beginning with collaborations with world-renowned scientists to develop new technologies and solutions to make sample separation 100 times more robust and 10 times faster than current alternatives. For more information about Evosep please visit


SCIEX provides solutions for the precise detection and quantification of molecules, enabling our clients to safeguard and enhance everyone’s health and safety. For the past 50 years, SCIEX has dominated the field of mass spectrometry. SCIEX has pioneered ground-breaking technologies and solutions that have driven life-changing research and outcomes since the launch of the first commercially effective triple quadrupole in 1981.

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