Ready-to-use Hydrogel Kit for 3D Cell Culture Cultivation

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Cellendes has developed a ready-to-use 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel Kit designed to enable 3D cell culture cultivation of most cells through a simplified and fast procedure.

The innovative 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel Kit facilitates fast and convenient 3D cultivation of different cell types, spheroids, tissue samples, and similar needing a cell-adhesive and cell-degradable matrix for cell growth and differentiation.

Ready-to-use Hydrogel Kit for 3D Cell Culture Cultivation

Compared to traditional 2D cell culture, 3D cell culture environments improve cell function, differentiation, and viability while also closely simulating the in vivo microenvironment. In drug discovery, drug metabolism, and drug toxicity studies, 3D matrices and scaffolds provide a physiologically relevant screening platform by simulating in vivo responses for numerous cell types, including cancer and stem cells.

The pre-configured 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel kit includes all the necessary reagents for the formulation of hydrogels for 3D cell culture environments. It offers a controlled environment that is reproducible, easy to handle, and enables 3D cultivation for many different cell types. Researchers can save valuable time in the laboratory, increase productivity and focus on achieving their goals.

Mimicking the Functions of an Extracellular Matrix

The hydrogel is made by chemically crosslinking modified dextran which carries the cell adhesion motif RGD (RGD-Dextran) with polyethylene glycol linked to a Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP)-cleavable peptide (CD-Link).

The MMP-cleavable peptide is developed for a broad range of MMP cleavage including MMPs MMP1, MMP3, MMP7 and MMP9. This MMP-sensitive crosslinker enables cells to spread and migrate within the gel if they express the indicated MMPs.

3D Cell Culture Hydrogel Formation in Less than 20 Minutes

With the 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel Kit researchers can simplify the hydrogel 3D cell culture procedure and obtain 3D cell cultures in less than 20 minutes. Once the two reagents are mixed together, the thiol groups on CD-Link create stable thioether linkages with the thiol-reactive groups on RGD-Dextran, leading to the development of a gel.

Compared to hydrogels obtained from basement membrane extracts, 3-D Life ToGro hydrogels do not need to be cooled or heated to control hydrogel formation. Hydrogel formation is amenable for automation to set up multi-well plates and perform subsequent treatments and analyses such as cell proliferation or cell viability assays.

Achieving the Best 3D Cell Compatibility

To achieve the best cell compatibility, non-toxic chemistry at physiological pH and salt concentrations is utilised for the formation of the hydrogel.

Dextranase (3-D Life Dextranase Cat. No. D10-1) can be added to dissolve 3-D Life ToGro hydrogels, allowing for the recovery of chemically fixed or living cells for post-culture studies, such as RT-PCR or for further cultivation. The dissolution of the gel with dextranase preserves the integrity of cells and extracellular matrix during cell recovery.

Increasing Reproducibility in Drug Discovery Research

As opposed to hydrogels derived from native basement membranes like MatrigelTM, which contain many unknown components and differ from batch to batch leading to varying results in cell culture and applied assays, the chemically defined nature of the 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel produces more reproducible results.

With the 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel Kit researchers can create chemically defined yet physiologically relevant 3D cell culture environments and retain an improved biological functionality that enables more reproducible results and a much greater rate of success in later drug discovery studies.


  • Pre-configured with all necessary reagents
  • 3D cultivation of different cell types, spheroids, tissue samples
  • Hydrogel formation in less than 20 minutes
  • Non-toxic crosslinking chemistry

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