Non-toxic Recovery of Cells from Dextran Gels

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3-D Life Dextranase developed by Cellendes allows non-toxic recovery of cells from dextran-based 3-D Life Hydrogels without harming the cells and which leaves the ECM intact.

Live or fixed cells from dextran-based 3-D Life Hydrogels can be recovered by using cell-friendly 3-D Life Dextranase which degrades the gel by cleaving the glycosidic bonds of dextran. The recovered cells can be used for post-culture analyses, such as RT-PCR or subsequent cultivation.

Recovery of cells from Dextran gels without proteolytic degradation

The 3-D Life Dextranase contains dextranase from Chaetomium sp., which cleaves glycosidic bonds of dextran. It is specifically designed to degrade dextran-based hydrogels to recover live or fixed cells without proteolytic degradation. The dextranase induces the degradation of the gel as it cleaves the glycosidic bonds of dextran. Because the degradation is protease-free, it is cell-friendly and does not harm cells during the process.

Since 3-D-Life Dextranase does not degrade proteins it leaves the extracellular matrix (ECM) produced by the cells intact, allowing for analysis of the ECM composition of your culture after the dissolution of the gel.

Recovery of cells for post-culture analyses or cultivation

A repeated washing of the cells after the dissolution of the gel is necessary to remove residual gel constituents and dextranase from the cell suspension. This helps to avoid any unwanted interference of the compounds with subsequent analytic measurements such as Western blotting, RT-PCR or other analyses, and subsequent cultivation of the recovered cells in a fresh dextran-based hydrogel. Dextranase traces may cause destabilization of the newly set hydrogel, so repeated washing is of great importance.

Because the dissolution of the hydrogel by 3-D Life Dextranase is an eroding process, degradation of the gel begins from the surface. Cutting gels into fragments can help to accelerate the degradation of large gels.


  • Recovery of Cells from Dextran Gels
  • Protease-free degradation – does not harm cells – leaves the extracellular matrix intact.
  • Resuspend cells for downstream cell analysis or culture

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