High Yield Adjuvant for Monoclonal Antibody Production

The GERBU Adjuvant MTM is developed specifically for monoclonal antibody production and offers a high yield of IgG and fused clones in mice.

Antibodies to mouse-specific antigens cannot be produced easily in mice and the selection of adjuvant mixtures is key for the induction of effective antibody responses. The GERBU Adjuvant M contains five immuno active components balanced to give maximum effect, and a combination of quality stabilizers and dispersing agents.

High yield adjuvant for monoclonal antibodies

The GERBU Adjuvant MTM is formulated especially for attaining the best yield of fused clones in mice. The high effectiveness of the adjuvant is based on the synergistic action of the muramyl glycopeptide and solid ultra-filterable particles of slowly biodegradable lipids added to impart the positive electric charges beneficial for optimum efficiency. Equally important are the immuno-potentiating, biocompatible emulsifiers and the carefully adjusted synergistic and stabilizing medium which surrounds the nanoparticles. This has proved particularly beneficial for the attainment of fusion-yields in mice.

Monoclonal antibody (mAbs) production specific to antigens

The GERBU Adjuvant M is used successfully for the well-established hybridoma technique involving cell hybrids for identical monoclonal antibody (mAbs) production directed against specific antigens of interest.

Saponin-free and rich in GMDP adjuvant

The Adjuvant M adjuvant is Saponin-free and rich in GMDP, which makes it particularly promising for recombinant vaccines as well as immunomodulators for stimulation of innate immunity and bone-marrow recovery after chemo/radiotherapy of cancer.

Adjuvant for monoclonal antibody production
The GERBU Adjuvant MTM for monoclonal antibody production (Image Credits: Gerbu)


  • High yield of IgG and fused clones in mice
  • Immuno-potentiating properties
  • Biocompatible
  • Successful with Hybridoma technology
  • Free of Saponin
  • Rich in GMDP


Clarity of Solution
Coloration of Sol.
EP 2.2.1: Nephelometry
EP 2.2.2: Gardner
Whitish flavescent, turbid suspension
500-1000 NTU

EP 2.2.3: undiluted suspension

CASO-Agar LTHTh(3d, 36°C)


Safety Data
Keep well closed in refrigerator at 4-8°C for long storage (up to 36
months). No adverse effect of ambient temperature (Storage at
22°C: up to 6 months; Storage at 35 °C: up to 2 months).
Handle with professional care – avoid skin contact.
For laboratory use only. Not for human consumption.

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