Peristaltic Pump for In Vitro Modeling

The LiveFlow peristaltic pump for in vitro modeling developed by IVTech, represents a significant advancement in the field of tissue engineering, preclinical research, and drug discovery. Providing the capability to simultaneously administer dual flows with high precision and adaptability, LiveFlow serves as an indispensable instrument for researchers aiming to replicate the dynamic physiological environment of human tissues.

Peristaltic Pump for In Vitro Modeling

IVTech’s LiveFlow is a state-of-the-art peristaltic pump designed for advanced in vitro modeling within incubator environments. Its ability to mimic bodily movements, such as blood circulation, establishes a more realistic setting for cell cultures and enhances in vitro modeling of vascular cell behaviour. This dynamic modeling is crucial for researchers who require an accurate representation of physiological conditions to ensure the validity and reliability of their experiments.

The pump’s compact and lightweight structure houses two independent motors, providing the advanced capability to administer dual flows. Researchers can now simulate varying flow rates or patterns, tailoring the dynamic conditions to match the specific requirements of diverse experiments.

Replicating the Interstitial Flow

Equipped with two independent motors, LiveFlow can implement up to two distinct flow rates simultaneously. This dual-flow dynamics capability allows researchers to create more complex and physiologically relevant models by mimicking the interstitial flow of real tissue. This replication is pivotal for studying the intricacies of fluid dynamics in tissue-like environments.

It offers researchers critical insights into drug transport mechanisms, cellular responses, and tissue interactions, all of which are essential for understanding the efficacy and safety of potential pharmaceutical compounds. The ability to conduct up to four independent experiments concurrently (two LF heads leading to four fluidic circuits) further enhances the pump’s versatility.

Autonomous Flow Parameter Adjustment

The pump’s ability to operate in both constant and programmable modalities provides researchers with the flexibility to maintain a steady flow rate or to customise flow parameters for the duration of the experiment. LF’s programmable feature allows for the autonomous adjustment of working conditions, ensuring precise control over the experimental environment.

User-Friendly Interface and Fluidic Circuit Integration

LiveFlow boasts a user-friendly and intuitive interface, simplifying the setup and operation of the pump. A display shows the set-up chosen for each head. Each LiveFlow head is detachable, sterilizable, and reusable, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution for ongoing research needs. The inclusion of a drawer for the components of the fluidic circuits ensures that all necessary elements are organised and readily accessible.

All-In-One Research Platform 

Designed with efficiency in mind, LiveFlow serves as an all-in-one research platform. It includes a drawer housing the fluidic circuit, streamlining the management of modules during the transfer from the cabinet to the incubator. This feature not only enhances usability but also significantly improves the efficiency of research operations. Moreover, the design permits monitoring of the chambers using an inverted microscope.

Compact Design and Incubator Compatibility

LiveFlow’s compact dimensions and reduced weight ensure optimal use of laboratory space within the incubator, facilitating the seamless integration of the peristaltic pump into various experimental setups. Its design facilitates effortless transfer from the laminar hood to the incubator, minimising disruption and maintaining sterility. The pump’s compatibility with incubator environments underscores its utility in sensitive biological studies where temperature and atmospheric control are paramount.

Power Supply and Installation Ease

Addressing practical concerns, the LiveFlow peristaltic pump is supplied with a thin power cable, designed to fit through the grommets of standard incubators or to be threaded through the front door without compromising the seal. The pump’s heads, which do not require tube installation onto rollers, further streamline the setup process.

Product Variants for Enhanced Applications

Peristaltic Pump for In Vitro Modeling

LiveFlow is available in 2 versions to cater to diverse research requirements:

  • LiveFlow PRO: Allows segmentation of the main period into three sub-periods, each with customizable direction and flow rate settings.
  • LiveFlow PLUS: Features a powerful motor designed to handle significant back pressure, suitable for specialized applications.

The LiveFlow peristaltic pump series is a transformative addition to the toolkit of any pharmaceutical research facility. Its design and functionality align perfectly with the demands of preclinical and drug discovery studies, offering an efficient and reliable method to explore the complexities of human tissue dynamics, whilst supporting seamless integration into existing laboratory workflows. By facilitating the development of dynamic models, LF accelerates the path to groundbreaking discoveries and therapeutic advancements.

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