Metformin Processing Station with Potential to Become a Bestseller

L.B. Bohle’s new metformin processing station allows for efficient and high-volume metformin production.

Metformin is an oral drug effective for the treatment of diabetes, particularly in people who are overweight. In the treatment of non-insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes and obesity, metformin (chemically 1,1-dimethylbiguanide) is used to lower blood glucose levels, making it one of the most essential oral solid dosage pharmaceuticals.

Metformin reduces blood glucose levels by interfering with glucose metabolism in several ways, reducing sugar release from the liver and improving insulin sensitivity in the body’s cells. Metformin is inexpensive to produce and is required in huge quantities. The antidiabetic drug has long been recognized as a standard drug for type 2 diabetes, and the Metformin demand is very high globally. In Germany alone, there are approximately seven million people suffering from diabetes, 90% of whom have type 2 diabetes. Similarly, around 90% of people with diabetes in the UK have type 2.

Metformin preparation station for optimal tablet production

With the new metformin processing station, L.B. Bohle enables efficient and high-volume processing of metformin. The mobile station crushes, de-clusters and screens the metformin, which is then transferred by vacuum to the fluid bed system BFS placed next to it.

The raw material in the form of solid blocks is manually unpacked by the operator and placed on a lifting device at an ergonomic height. By means of convenient control on the HMI, the platform with the product is lifted and the metformin block is fed to the chopper unit. Complete dust extraction is always ensured via an extraction system.

Versatile use thanks to the variety of screen inserts

A BTS Turbo Sieve is connected directly below the chopper unit to sieve the chopped metformin blocks. Various screen inserts with different-sized diameters can be utilizsd providing greater flexibility. A suction shoe is connected to the outlet of the BTS, providing a connection to the vacuum transfer system of the Bohle fluid bed system.

Metformin tablet production station

Advantages at a glance:

  • Compact design – mobile and flexible integration on the production floor
  • Comfortable operation via HMI. Only one operator is required for loading
  • Fast unpacking of metformin blocks at an ergonomic height
  • Short production cycle – approx. 40 seconds.
  • Fast and easy disassembly for cleaning. A lifting column is required for complete dismantling of the feeding hopper and chopper
  • Highest flexibility due to the use of different screen inserts
  • Integrated vibrator
  • Inspection of the process – unobstructed view into the feed hopper and chopper
  • Direct suction at the feed hopper is possible