Slow Gelling Hydrogel Kits for Cell Growth in 3D Environments

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Cellendes offers a range of slow gelling hydrogel kits for cell growth in 3D environments.

The 3-D Life Slow Gelling (SG) Kits provide reagents for setting up slow gelling, cell-compatible hydrogels for 3D cell culture, including different cell types, spheroids and tissue samples.

Slow Gelling Hydrogels for Optimal Cell Compatibility

The 3-D Life Hydrogel System provides a full set of reagents, as well as custom biomolecular modification and gel stiffness options for best results in specific cell culture applications.

SG-Dextran or SG-PVA polymers are utilised for the creation of hydrogels at a slow gelation rate (SG). By combining polymers and crosslinkers contained in the 3-D Life range of hydrogel kits, a chemically defined hydrogel is created. This hydrogel facilitates cells to be encapsulated, allowing them to grow in a three-dimensional microenvironment that more closely resembles that of native tissue. For optimal cell compatibility, the components are mixed at physiological pH (pH 7.2).

The Advantages of Slow Gelling Gels

Because of the slower gelation kinetics, slow gelling gels as opposed to fast gelling gels, allow for more time to manage the solution before the gel formation starts. The additional time can be used to handle and deposit the pre-gel solution in cell culture dishes or other containers, such as microchannels and syringes. Slow gelling hydrogels are also used whenever it is necessary for cells to maintain a pH above 7 or for the preparation of very stiff gels.

The incubation time for attachment of adhesion peptides takes 20 minutes, while gel formation can take from 15 to 70 minutes depending on the desired gel composition and stiffness.

Cell Culture Growth in 3D Environments
Cell culture in 3-D Life Slow Gelling (SG) hydrogel

The 3-D Life slow gelation (SG) hydrogel range includes:

3-D Life Dextran-CD Hydrogel SG
3-D Life Dextran-PEG Hydrogel SG
3-D Life PVA-CD Hydrogel SG
3-D Life PVA-PEG Hydrogel SG

Optional: 3-D Life RGD Peptide
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  • Slow gelling (SG) hydrogels
  • Complete set of reagents
  • Complete control of biomolecular modifications
  • 3D cultivation of different cell types, spheroids, tissue samples
  • Non-toxic crosslinking chemistry

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