Eisai Partners with BlissBio to Jointly Develop ADC for Multiple Cancer Types

Eisai Co., Ltd. revealed that it has partnered with Bliss Biopharmaceutical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. to develop BB-1701, an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), with the option to pursue a strategic collaboration.

BB-1701 is an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) that combines Eisai’s eribulin anticancer agent with an anti-HER2 antibody via a linker. The drug is anticipated to have a positive impact on breast, lung, and other solid tumors that express HER2. Eisai’s proprietary technology platform, which employs eribulin as a payload, is responsible for the linker-payload mechanism, and Eisai is currently researching the possibility of using this platform to link to different antibodies. In 2018, BlissBio was granted global exclusive development rights for several ADCs that utilize eribulin as the payload, under a license agreement signed by the two companies. Based on the current progress of BlissBio’s Phase I/II clinical trials of BB-1701, both firms have opted to co-develop the drug.

Dr. Takashi Owa, Chief Scientific Officer, Senior Vice President, Eisai Co., Ltd. said:

“BB-1701 is characterized by its payload of eribulin, which is a product of our modern synthetic organic chemistry that has already made contributions to patients with breast cancer and soft tissue sarcoma. Our collaboration with BlissBio will accelerate the development of BB-1701 with the goal of bringing a new treatment option to patients globally.”

The joint development agreement specifies that Eisai will pay BlissBio upfront and development milestone payments, conduct a Phase II clinical trial in breast cancer, and secure option rights to develop and market BB-1701 globally, except for Greater China. If Eisai exercises its option rights, it will pay BlissBio an additional upfront payment, as well as development, regulatory, and sales milestone payments, along with royalties on BB-1701’s sales revenue following its launch. If all development, regulatory, and sales milestones are met, a total of $2 billion USD may be paid.

Featured Image Credits: ©Eisai Inc.

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