Biological Matrices & Specimens

Behring Campus Eystrup (BCE) is a leading provider of top-tier biological matrices and specimens, encompassing tissues, blood plasma, PBMCs, and aqueous humor tailored for R&D, preclinical research, drug discovery and development, and diagnostic research applications.

Biological Matrices and Specimens from a Wide Selection of Animal Species

Available on demand from a wide selection of animal species, BCE’s ethically sourced biological matrices and biospecimens are of the highest quality and can be confidently utilised to further research and development programs across academia and the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics industries.

Biological matrices and biospecimens including tissues, blood, PBMCs, serum, aqueous humour and body fluids, can be collected from llamas, cattle, rabbits and other species upon request to cover even the most complex requirements and guarantee the best results for a particular application.

Custom Biological Products to Meet the Diverse Needs of Researchers

Behring Campus Eystrup caters to researchers’ individual needs and can provide custom biological products upon request as well as scale batches upon demand. Depending on the research purpose, BCE may collect the specimens expressly for a specific study.

BCE can adjust the batch size of it’s biological products to suit the customer’s needs, making it a reliable partner for various pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostics sectors, as well as academic institutions of any size.

Biological Matrix Products for R&D: Tissue Samples & Blood

All biological matrix products, such as various types of tissue samples or blood are sourced from animals housed at the Behring Campus Eastrup facility, guaranteeing their high quality, freshness, and viability for demanding research applications.

With a long-standing tradition in immunology and animal husbandry implementing the highest animal welfare standards, each biological matrix or biological sample is processed with the utmost care and is quality-verified in-house.

Animal Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs)

Behring Campus Eystrup can provide an extensive range of fresh blood products including Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) collected from llamas, alpacas, cattle, and rabbits.

The high-quality PBMCs provide superior viability, purity, and functionality and can be ordered directly from the Behring Campus Eystrup. BCE can provide professional support and guidance and produce custom PBMCs to meet the specific research needs of its clients and their different applications, e. g. cellular assays or RNA extraction.

In addition to PBMCs, the company can also provide vitreous and aqueous humour from rabbits, sheep, and cattle.

Biological Matrices & Specimens: Applications Across Research and Development

BCE’s high quality Biological Matrices & Specimens are ideal for use in various research and development areas, such as:

Studying the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and toxicology of drugs and biologics: By using biological matrices and specimens from different animal species from BCE, researchers can evaluate the absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and effects of drugs and biologics in vivo, as well as their potential toxicity and adverse effects.

Developing and validating biomarkers and diagnostic assays: BCE’s biological matrices and specimens can help researchers identify and measure biomarkers that are indicative of disease states, drug responses, or biological processes, and develop and validate diagnostic assays that can detect and quantify these biomarkers.

Exploring the immunological and physiological aspects of animal models: By using BCE’s biological matrices and specimens derived from animals, researchers can investigate the immune system, the endocrine system, the nervous system, and other physiological systems of animal models, and compare and contrast them with human systems.

BCE’s biological matrices and specimens can be delivered to the client’s location in a timely and efficient manner. To learn more contact Behring Campus Eystrup by completing the Quick Contact form or enquiring directly at: