Solid Dose Packaging & Distribution, Aphena Pharma, Tennessee, USA

Aphena Pharma Solutions has announced a $21 million expansion of its Solid Dose Division in Cookeville, Tennessee, United States. The leading American pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging solutions provider has purchased a 500,000-square-foot property, purpose-built for FDA manufacturing and packaging operations.

500,000 sq ft purpose-built facility for FDA manufacturing and packaging operations

In order to turn the property into a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution plant, Aphena has already begun extensive renovations. The company plans to complete the upgrades by the 1st of February 2021, with operations starting at the new facility in August 2020. Aphena Pharma also plans to locate its corporate headquarters at the newly acquired ultra-modern facility.

Aerial view rendering of Aphena Pharma Solutions Cookeville, TN, Solid Dose Packaging and Distribution Facility (Photo Credit: Business Wire)

Diversification of pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging services

This purchase, which will add 258,000 square feet to the existing Cookeville footprint of Aphena Pharma Solutions, also marks the expansion of the company into biologics, cold chain storage and the delivery of third-party logistics.

Eric Allen, Aphena’s Executive Vice President of Sales commented:

“This new facility will make Aphena a top contender in the pharmaceutical contract service space, starting with over 12,000 pallets of cold chain storage capacity. Being able to offer turnkey packaging and distribution services for biologic products, plus expanding the current operations with newly innovated bottling and packaging lines, will continue to attract key pharmaceutical customers to the Middle Tennessee area.”

The ongoing expansion of operations will allow the addition of 24 high-speed bottling lines and eight thermoform blister packaging lines by Aphena.

Moreover, the 200,000-plus square feet of storage space will create a solid base for existing and potential new clients to utilise a modern, third-party logistics program. This will help Alpena Pharma to offer even more expansive service capabilities to its customers.

Aphena Pharma Solutions, CEO Shawn Reilley stated:

“This expansion is exciting news for Aphena, our customers and our communities. The Solid Dose Division and recent Liquids Division expansions will establish Aphena’s position as one of the most diversified manufacturing and packaging companies in the pharmaceutical industry. These growth strategies will continue to offer our customers expanded project capabilities at every level, and it will create a very large employment opportunity, both in Cookeville and at our facility in Easton, Maryland.”

About Aphena Pharma Solutions

Aphena Pharma Solutions is an industry-leading company for the biological, pharmaceutical, public health and medical equipment markets, offering contract production and packaging services. Aphena processes solid dose, liquids, gels, creams, ointments, foams, suspensions and lotion-based products within two different FDA and DEA approved sites in the U.S, the Solid Dose Division in Tennessee and a Liquid Manufacturing and Packaging Campus in Maryland.

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