Pharmaceutical Continuous Manufacturing Line

The QbCon® pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing line by L.B. Bohle is a state-of-the-art system designed to shift the manufacture of solid drugs from batch production to continuous manufacturing. This transition is part of a broader initiative, largely driven by the FDA, to enhance quality control and ensure the consistent production of high-quality pharmaceutical solids.

Pharmaceutical Continuous Manufacturing Line

The QbCon® pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing line features a modular design that allows for continuous direct compression, continuous wet granulation and continuous dry granulation production processes. This modular approach ensures maximum flexibility and efficiency, catering to different production needs. The system can handle a throughput ranging from 5 to 25 kg/h, processing pharmaceutical solids from powder form to the coated tablet. This capability ensures the line’s adaptability to various scales of production requirements.

Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

The QbCon® continuous manufacturing line significantly enhances product quality by incorporating Process Analytical Technology (PAT). This technology enables real-time monitoring and control of the manufacturing process, ensuring that each tablet produced adheres to the highest quality standards. The system’s ability to perform 100% non-destructive inspection of all products potentially allows for real-time release of drugs, marking a substantial improvement in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Cost Efficiency and Resource Utilisation

Cost savings are realised through the QbCon® line’s efficient use of resources and reduction of waste. The production of out-of-specification materials is minimised, leading to significant waste reduction and associated cost savings. The modular design and efficient processes contribute to better material utilisation.

The QbCon® continuous manufacturing line contributes to reduced API consumption by enhancing process efficiency and control. Continuous manufacturing allows for a more streamlined process with less waste and lower production costs compared to traditional batch processing. This not only leads to a more sustainable production model but also supports the pharmaceutical industry’s efforts to bring new drugs to market more quickly and efficiently.

Unparalleled Flexibility and Scalability

The modular design of the QbCon® line provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing for adaptability to different production scales with a throughput range of 5 to 25 kg/h. It can perform direct compression, wet granulation, and dry granulation, offering the ability to switch between processes as needed. This adaptability ensures that the system can meet varying production demands efficiently.

Accelerated Research & Development

The QbCon® system facilitates faster and more efficient research and development cycles. Continuous manufacturing allows for quicker production times compared to traditional batch processes, and the design of the system avoids the challenges associated with scaling up from R&D to full-scale production.

Higher Operator Safety and Sustainability

Operator safety is enhanced through the automated processes of the QbCon® line, which reduces the need for manual intervention and minimises the risk of exposure to harmful substances. Additionally, the system’s energy efficiency and reduced solvent use contribute to a lower environmental footprint, aligning with sustainable manufacturing practices.

The QbCon® continuous manufacturing line by L.B. Bohle offers a comprehensive solution that improves quality, reduces costs, and enhances flexibility in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Its integration of PAT, modular design, and focus on safety and environmental impact make it a forward-thinking choice for the industry.

Award-winning Continuous Wet Granulation and Drying system

The QbCon® 1 is a revolutionary system designed for research and development, enabling continuous granulation and drying processes that meet the stringent quality demands of pharmaceutical manufacturing. It is a compact system with a small footprint, perfect for lab environments where space is at a premium and small throughputs are needed. With a nominal throughput of 0.5–2.5 kg/h, it’s ideal for developing new products and securing scale-up processes.

The QbCon® 1 boasts a fully automatic cleaning system for the filter during the drying process, ensuring gentle and uniform drying. It also features a very short residence time of granules, which is essential for the targeted removal of defective products without wasting large portions of the batch.

continuous wet granulation and drying system
The QbCon® 1 continuous wet granulation and drying system is a winner of the German Design Award 2024.

The unique QbCon® 1 system represents a seamless blend of safety, efficiency, and innovation, setting new standards in the pharmaceutical industry and offering numerous advantages to operators.

Features of the QbCon® Continuous Production Line:

pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing line
  • Three production processes:
    • Continuous direct compression
    • Continuous wet granulation
    • Continuous dry granulation
  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT) integration
  • Lower space requirements for GMP rooms
  • Fewer rejects, no need to discard entire batches
  • Reduced API consumption in development
  • Flexible batch sizes
  • Release in real time possible
  • Higher operator safety
  • Increased sustainability

Features of the QbCon® 1 Continuous Granulation and Drying System:

  • Even and reproducible drying of all granules
  • Small footprint
  • Nominal throughput: 0.5–2.5 kg/h
  • Gentle, uniform drying through gentle fluidization and transport
  • Uniform conveying of the granules from charging to discharge
  • Small process chamber keeps the volume in the drying process low
  • Fully automatic cleaning of the filter
  • Long service life of the exhaust air filters
  • No interruption of the drying process
  • Fast development of new products
  • Secured scale-up

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