Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor

The L.B. Bohle Dry Granulation BRC is a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical roller compactor, specifically engineered to facilitate continuous dry granulation.

Unlike traditional wet granulation methods, the BRC roller compactor does not require energy-intensive drying processes, which results in lower investments in systems and production facilities, as well as reduced costs per batch.

Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor

The L.B. Bohle Dry Granulation BRC is a cutting-edge pharmaceutical roller compactor offering an efficient solution for continuous roller compaction. Continuous roller compaction is a method with a longstanding history, which is particularly advantageous for products sensitive to moisture or temperature-sensitive products. This process negates the need for the energy-intensive drying stages found in traditional wet granulation methods. The result is a more cost-effective and efficient production process, with reduced investment in systems and facilities, and lower operational costs per batch.

Innovative Roller Compactor Design for Enhanced Precision and Quality Control

One of the standout features of the BRC is its innovative electromechanical roller drive, which allows for precise control over the compression force. This precision ensures that material loss is kept to a minimum, while also maintaining consistent ribbon properties—a critical factor for quality control. The user-friendly design of the BRC means it can be set up and operated with ease, and its hygienic design, complete with integrated washer nozzles, allows for effective ‘washing in place’ (WIP) processes, ensuring the machine meets the highest hygienic standards.

Versatility in Particle Size Calibration

In terms of particle size calibration, the BRC is highly versatile, thanks to the integrated Bohle Turbo Sieve (BTS) and the optional Bohle rotation sieve (BRS), which enable gentle and precise calibration. The system also supports Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tools, aligning with the pharmaceutical industry’s Quality by Design principles. For enhanced safety and quality assurance, the BRC offers optional containment equipment, including sampling capabilities.

High-Performance Capabilities and Compliance with GMP Standards

The BRC boasts a high product capacity, capable of handling a production range of less than 1 to 400 kg/h. Its compacting force and ribbon thickness regulation are managed through innovative methods, ensuring optimal performance. The sophisticated system design not only facilitates handling but also shortens the assembly process. The desired particle size distribution is achieved with the cone-shaped BTS mill and sieve inserts, and even at high material throughputs, the system gently crushes the ribbons into granules. The GMP-compliant design of the compactor ensures it meets the Good Manufacturing Practice standards, which are essential in the pharmaceutical industry.

Professionals within the pharmaceutical industry seeking a dependable and proficient roller compaction system will find the L.B. Bohle BRC roller compactor to be a technological breakthrough. This system delivers an exceptional blend of high performance, user-friendliness, and compliance with the most rigorous quality protocols. It exemplifies L.B. Bohle’s dedication to pioneering advancements and superior quality in the realm of pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor
The BRC Roller Compactor is a winner of the German Design Award 2024

Features of the BRC Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor:

  • Minimal material loss due to precise control
  • Maintaining constant ribbon properties
  • Designed for easy operation and quick setup
  • Versatile particle size calibration
  • Hygienic design with effective WIP cleaning capabilities
  • Optional PAT integration for process optimization
  • Optional containment and sampling equipment for increased safety

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