AstraZeneca to Build $1.5B ADCs Manufacturing Facility in Singapore

In a strategic move to bolster its global supply of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), AstraZeneca has announced the development of a $1.5 billion manufacturing facility in Singapore. This state-of-the-art plant, scheduled to be operational by 2029, marks a significant milestone for the company as it will be its first-ever facility to oversee the entire ADC manufacturing process from start to finish.

ADCs represent a cutting-edge approach in cancer treatment, delivering potent cytotoxic agents directly to cancer cells through targeted antibodies, thus minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. This innovative therapy holds tremendous potential in enhancing cancer treatment efficacy and patient outcomes.

Supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), the new greenfield facility underscores AstraZeneca’s commitment to expanding its ADC portfolio and addressing the growing demand for these next-generation cancer therapies. The plant will AstraZeneca’s first end-to-end ADC production site, fully integrating all necessary stages of the manufacturing process on a commercial scale.

The multi-step process of ADC manufacturing includes the production of the antibody, the synthesis of the chemotherapy drug and linker, the conjugation of the drug-linker to the antibody, and finally, the filling of the completed ADC substance. By consolidating these steps into a single facility, AstraZeneca aims to streamline production, enhance efficiency, and ensure a consistent supply of high-quality ADCs to the global market.

Png Cheong Boon, Chairman, EDB said:

“We welcome AstraZeneca’s decision to establish a manufacturing presence in Singapore for the first time. It will also be a first for AstraZeneca – an end-to-end manufacturing facility for novel antibody drug conjugates that enables precision therapy for cancer. This greenfield investment is a strong show of confidence in Singapore’s biopharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities and talent, strengthens our ecosystem in supporting the development and manufacturing of precision medicines, and creates meaningful jobs and economic opportunities for Singapore. We look forward to a successful partnership with AstraZeneca.”

Pascal Soriot, Chief Executive Officer, AstraZeneca, said:

“AstraZeneca has built an industry-leading portfolio of cancer medicines including antibody drug conjugates which have shown enormous potential to replace traditional chemotherapy for patients across many settings. Singapore is one of the world’s most attractive countries for investment given its reputation for excellence in complex manufacturing, and I am excited for AstraZeneca to locate our $1.5 billion ADC manufacturing facility in the country.”

AstraZeneca has a broad portfolio of in-house ADCs including six wholly owned ADCs in the clinic and many more in preclinical development.  As part of AstraZeneca’s commitment to driving sustainability in healthcare, the company will work with Singapore’s government and other partners on green solutions for the ADC facility. This facility will be designed to emit zero carbon from its first day of operations.

AstraZeneca aims to begin design and construction of the manufacturing facility by the end of 2024, with targeted operational readiness anticipated in 2029. The Singapore facility is poised to be a cornerstone in AstraZeneca’s strategy to advance oncology treatment and is set to play a pivotal role in the future of cancer therapy.

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Lead Image – Image Credits AstraZeneca

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