CTAT Conjugation for Diagnostics & Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC’s)

The CTAT Enzymatic Antibody Drug Conjugation Technology -Benefits for Diagnostic Applications and ADC’s for Oncology.

A EUCODIS Bioscience Case Study

This novel linker system is designed to covalently attach your recombinant antibody or antibody fragments to your therapeutic drug through a specific enzymatic reaction.


The CTAT enzyme recognizes a short sequence of 3-4 amino acids at the C-terminus of your antibody. This unique target sequence is easily introduced by an expression plasmid.

The CTAT enzyme cuts at the specific target site and covalently links the drug molecule to the antibody.

This innovative directed conjugation method does not interfere with the antigen binding site and the structural integrity of the antibody/(sc)FAB is maintained.

Covalent conjugation provides stable covalent linkage between antibodies and drugs, dyes, beads, matrices and surfaces. A defined drug to antibody ratio (DAR) is also made possible.

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