Catalase for Inactivation of Hydrogen Peroxide

EUCODIS Bioscience manufactures catalase for inactivation of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in environmental monitoring of sterilization in production facilities, clean rooms, or isolators.

Catalase for Inactivation of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

Catalase is a very common enzyme present in nearly all aerobic organisms. It is an important enzyme that prevents cell oxidative damage by degrading hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen.

EUCODIS has developed and patented a catalase that can be used as a powerful alternative to chemical neutralizers such as pyruvate, for the utilization in environmental monitoring applications.

Sterilization in Manufacturing Facilities, Clean Rooms and Isolators

The application of catalase as a supplement in media plates provides a highly effective and dependable solution for safe and secure environmental monitoring of sterilization in manufacturing facilities, clean rooms and isolators by also removing remaining traces and spots of high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

At present, agar plates for monitoring sterilization or disinfection are supplemented with the chemical compound pyruvate, which is consumed during the neutralization of H2O2. Because of this property, pyruvate faces difficulty neutralizing greater concentrations of hydrogen peroxide compared to the patented catalase manufactured by EUCODIS.

A major advantage of the EUCODIS catalase is its high stability in agar media at 50°C, which enables fast and convenient preparation of media and processing into plates. As it has high stability there is no need for special storage conditions. The company guarantees a shelf-life of at least 6 months at 4-25°C.

Media Plates with Pre-added Catalase

EUCODIS Bioscience also offers convenient ready-to-go media plates with pre-added catalase for sterility monitoring.

OEM Catalase Services

The company also provides licensing and OEM services for the production of catalase enzymes for use as an environmental monitoring media, as well as other applications. EUCODIS is open to partnerships and collaborations in the application development of its unique catalase formulation and enzyme technology.

Benefits of Catalase for Inactivation of Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Fast and convenient to use formulation
  • Complete biocatalytic inactivation of H2O2
  • Potent, stable alternative to chemical neutralizers
  • More effective and reliable than pyruvate
  • Secure and effective degradation up to 10% H2O2
  • Patent-protected in all major markets (EP2861715; US 9,951,306)
  • Irradiation at 20-30 kGy possible, for sterilization of prepared media

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