0-10V Analogue Input Module for Unlimited Digital Monitoring

The smart 0-10V Input Module developed by SenseAnywhere provides unlimited possibilities, by enabling any analogue equipment with a 0-10V output to be digitally monitored with high precision.

This flexibility allows the 0-10V Analogue Input Module to be used in infinite applications, such as accurate measurement of CO2, pressure and the number of dust particles in cleanrooms, among other things.

0-10V Input Module Allows Digital Measurements for All Analogue Devices

The 0-10V Input Module is a smart piece of tech engineered by SenseAnywhere, allowing digital measurements for all analogue devices with the industry standard 0-10V output.

Whenever the 0-10V Input Module is connected to a third-party sensor, all monitored analogue data is digitised by the electronics in the connector and sent via the SenseAnywhere Bus (SAB) interface to an AiroSensor 20-20-43 data logger, which in turn transmits all measurements to the secure Cloud environment SAClient.

The most significant advantage is that all measured data are available in a single system, including alarm and reporting functions. In SAClient, alarm conditions can be configured and set by the users so that SenseAnywhere sends out notifications whenever these parameters are exceeded to ensure the safety and quality of products and processes. All monitored data is available in real-time, and the comprehensive audit trails can be downloaded.

The 0-10V Input Module Provides Reliable Measurements

As the connectors’ integrated electronics are the components used to establish the measured value, the 0-10V Input Module can be calibrated individually. This significantly simplifies the process as only the 0-10V Input Module needs to be calibrated, and not the AiroSensor model 20-20-43 to which it is connected for reliable analogue measurements. The SAClient portal offers plentiful configuration options for the parameters that the analogue sensor is measuring, including unit of measurement, offset and scaling.

0-10V Analogue Input Module
The 0-10V Input Module (Images: SenseAnywhere)


  • Accurate temperature monitoring range of -40°C to +70°C
  • Measurement Range -10V to +10V
  • Cable 2-wire, Ø 3mm TPU cable, 2m long, 2-wire stripped end, 8mm tinned
  • Protection Class IP67, when connected to AiroSensor
  • 24/7 real-time audit and reporting

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