Microbial Lipases for the Pharmaceutical Industry

EUCODIS Bioscience offers a broad range of microbial lipases for the pharmaceutical industry.

EUCODIS has a collection of over 70 advanced lipases of microbial origin, which are specifically chosen and developed for applications in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the cosmetics and fine chemical industries.

Microbial Lipases for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The microbial lipases offered by EUCODIS Bioscience cover a wide range of substrates and are appropriate for hydrolysis in aqueous solutions and esterifications in organic solvents.

Microbial Lipases for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Lipases by EUCODIS Bioscience

The lipases produced by EUCODIS accomplish the highest activity in multiple applications including:

  • Biocatalytic stereospecific resolution of chiral alcohols and acids for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) or fine chemical synthesis.
  • Generation of difficult to synthesize, sensitive esters
  • Selective and efficient hydrolysis/esterification of C4-C22 fatty acids
  • Emollient ester synthesis for cosmetics
  • Production of nutritionally valuable fats and oils
  • Modification refinement of bioplastic precursors

Lipase Screening Kits

EUCODIS provides a range of lipase screening kits, as well as tailored services for its clients:

  • Screening kits of 25 lyophilized lipases
  • Extended lipase library
  • Screening kits of 6 immobilized lipases
  • Free and tailor-made immobilized Candida antarctica lipase B (CalBs)
  • Quality control of lipases
  • Custom enzyme immobilization process development
  • Screening of the lipases library for substrates

Standard screening kits of 25 lyophilized enzymes are available to enable fast selection for your specific application. Individual enzymes can also be purchased separately. EUCODIS also offers a choice of more than 30 additional lipases suitable for your substrate. The company can also supply bulk quantities and higher purity lipase preparations upon request.

Immobilized lipases for organic solvents and higher temperature ranges

EUCODIS Bioscience provides immobilized lipases for organic solvents and higher temperature ranges. The Lipase immo Kit is a screening kit of 6 different immobilized lipases and custom-made immobilized CalBs, tailored for specific applications.

Suicide Inhibitors

EUCODIS Bioscience also provides a range of suicide inhibitors for lipases. The suicide inhibitors are developed for active site titration experiments and may be used for the quantitative determination of active lipases and esterases in complex protein mixtures. The inhibitors are perfectly suited for quality control of hydrolytic enzymes like lipases and esterases.

The phosphonate-based molecules are available with either chromogenic (p-nitrophenyl derivatives) or fluorogenic (4-methyl-umbelliferyl derivative) groups for sensitive detection of hydrolytic activity of lipases and esterases. Upon request, EUCODIS also offers synthesis of customized lipase suicide inhibitors.

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