Antibiotic Plant, GSK, Irvine, Scotland, UK

The GlaxoSmithKline Irvine, North Ayrshire, antibiotic plant is located in i3, Irvine’s life sciences enterprise area.

GSK’s Irvine plant produces antibiotic drugs, including potassium clavulanate, sold under the brand name Augmentin and used to treat conditions such as pneumonia, bronchitis and infections of the skin.

Production boosted by 35%

The plant expansion commenced in 2013 and was completed in February 2016. It created 55 new jobs in Irvine. GSK received a £1.5m a grat by the Scottish Enterprise RegionalSelective Assistance towards the cost, which involved an investment of approximately £70m ($98.8m). The expansion was planned to boost production capacity by 35%.

Strategic Location

The strategic location of i3 offers modern infrastructure and utilities, including development-ready sites, high-speed broadband, electricity, gas and water.

The Irvine plant facilitates a big proportion of GlaxoSmithKline’s secondary global production operations and produces a wide range of chemicals and antibiotics such as penicillin G and clavulanate acid, serving specific clinical trials and commercial production. The Irvine plant is particularly recognised for its penicillin production, which is notable as penicillin was first discovered by a Scottish researcher in 1928.


Glasgow-based Luddon Construction was awarded a $4.86 million contract to provide civil engineering and building construction services for the project. It included the construction of seven new separate structures and asphalt road, as well as the installation of barriers and fencing.

A contract worth $13.8m was awarded to Kirby Engineering and Construction to provide mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) services, including fabrication and installation of piping, duct work services, as well as electrical and instrumentation services.


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