Animal Immunology and Preclinical Research Facility, Behring Campus Eystrup, Germany

The Behring Campus Eystrup is a cutting-edge research facility specialising in animal immunology, antibody development, and preclinical research.

Located at the historic Behringinstitut Eystrup site, in the district of Nienburg/Weser, Lower Saxony, Germany, the research facility carries forward a rich tradition of scientific excellence in immunological studies. While honouring its rich heritage, Behring Campus Eystrup seamlessly blends it with modern technology to successfully fulfil a diverse range of individual immunology, antibody development, and preclinical research needs of modern-day pharma, biotech and diagnostics organisations. Behring Campus Eystrup also develops and offers an extensive range of high-quality biological products with a broad selection of species and individually scalable batches.

The Behring Campus Eystrup Research Facility Grounds

This expansive grounds area facilitates the realization of technically demanding projects. Spanning across a total area of 36,000 m2, including 14,000 m2 of pasture land, the Behring Campus Eystrup boasts 24 structural facilities dedicated to animal husbandry, production, laboratories, offices, and warehouses, all set in the pristinely maintained and picturesque rural environment of Eystrup.

Llamas and alpacas at BCE’s grazing grounds. (Image Credit: Behring Campus Eystrup GmbH)

The Behring Campus Eystrup offers companies the option to outsource animal husbandry, research projects, or expand existing capacities. The BCE’s diverse spaces, encompassing various animal husbandry areas, laboratories, storage, and offices, are all available for rental.

Fostering Innovation and Collaboration in Animal Husbandry and Research

The Behring Campus Eystrup (BCE) redefines possibilities in the realm of animal husbandry and research. BCE’s robust infrastructure is designed to meet the diverse needs of companies by offering comprehensive outsourcing solutions, enabling the expansion of existing capacities, and fostering collaborative research endeavours.

BCE boasts a wide spectrum of rental spaces, ranging from offices and cutting-edge laboratories to expansive animal husbandry areas. The campus facilities can meet the unique requirements of diverse R&D projects, ensuring a seamless integration of operations. The flexibility of BCE’s rental options provides unparalleled agility to fit specific needs and timelines of innovative biotech start-ups as well as leading pharma, biotech, diagnostics companies and academic institutions.

With a dynamic research environment encouraging networking in a rich ecosystem of diverse professionals, BCE is the perfect campus for fostering groundbreaking research and development initiatives.

Historical Heritage of the Behring Campus Eystrup

The significance of antibodies, immunology, and serum proteins has endured since the era of Emil von Behring, a German physiologist who received the 1901 Nobel Prize in Physiology. In 1900 Emil von Behring introduced serum from immune horses as a method to cure and prevent diphtheria, one of the most feared infectious diseases throughout history. He was widely referred to as a “saviour of children”, as diphtheria used to be a leading cause of child mortality. Von Behring’s legacy endures as a testament to the transformative power of animal immunology and immunotherapy R&D. In Eystrup, the Behringwerke has been manufacturing veterinary and diagnostic products since the early 1920s. Today, the Behring Campus Eystrup is striving to build on this past legacy and success and help further the development of novel antibody therapeutics, next-generation immunotherapies, veterinary medicine, and immunodiagnostics.

Advancing Immunology and Preclinical Research

BCE excels in providing comprehensive support for immunisation studies and the planning and execution of diverse preclinical projects characterised by high flexibility, ensuring alignment with the unique needs and specifications of each customer. The company’s preclinical contract research services include vaccination and conducting pharmacokinetic, efficacy, and safety assessments of drugs and medical devices in both small and large animals, whilst accommodating individual requests from clients. Meticulous data collection and analysis are provided by employing advanced equipment and state-of-the-art techniques.

Custom Antibody Development Services

BCE offers a comprehensive service spectrum for custom antibody development, encompassing the entire process from antigen production to the isolation of purified antibodies. BCE’s clients have the flexibility to opt for specific work packages tailored to their preferences. BCE can apply standard protocols or work with protocols aligned with its client’s individual specifications. The selection process allows BCE’s customers to choose the type of antibody and host species suitable for their specific application. Antibody types include recombinant and polyclonal, while host species range from Rabbit, Goat, and Camelids (such as Llamas, Alpacas, and Huarizos) to Mouse, Rat, Hamster, Guinea pig, Ferret, Sheep, and Cow, as well as other species upon request. The flexibility of BCE’s custom services can accommodate diverse requirements and ensure the success of specific antibody development projects.

Production of Biological Products

The Behring Campus Eystrup offers an array of top-tier biological products sourced from an exceptionally diverse range of animal species, encompassing blood, serum, various body fluids, and a wide variety of tissues. BCE is also equipped to deliver custom biological products upon request, aligning with the specifications and requirements of the customer following special protocols. With the flexibility to adjust batch sizes according to the customer’s needs, BCE stands out as the go-to supplier of biological products, catering to the varied demands of pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostics companies.

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