Thermo Scientific Helios 5 EXL Wafer DualBeam Offers Automation in TEM Sample Preparation

Thermo Fisher Scientific, a global leader in serving science, introduced the Helios 5 EXL Wafer DualBeam, which is engineered to satisfy semiconductor manufacturers’ growing sample volumes and analysis needs as they scale operations.

Enabling semiconductor manufacturers with automation in TEM Sample Preparation

Machine learning and advanced automation technologies are integrated into the Helios 5 EXL, allowing precise sample preparation for sub-5 nanometer nodes, gate-all-around semiconductor production, and yield learning.

The challenge

As technology design gets smaller and more complex, semiconductor manufacturers need more reproducible, high-volume Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) analysis results. Increasing demand for atomic-scale data presents scalability challenges for busy labs to achieve desired results on advanced devices. This process becomes much more difficult to scale in high volume as gate-all-around technology is added, which requires more interfaces, films, and profiles to measure at sub-nanometer resolution than many of the other commercially available solutions.

Thermo Scientific Helios 5 EXL Wafer DualBeam

The solution

The Helios 5 EXL provides cut positioning accuracy and allows users to create difficult samples with consistently high quality using machine learning and closed-loop end pointing. Improved automation capabilities enable a higher tool-to-operator ratio, engineered to optimize sample throughput and technological resource efficiency, as compared to conventional systems on the market.

Glyn Davies, Vice President and General Manager of semiconductor at Thermo Fisher stated:

“Semiconductor labs are under intense pressure to provide TEM data faster to support process monitoring and advance volume learning curves without increasing costs. The Helios 5 EXL addresses this challenge with scalable, repeatable, and high precision TEM sample preparation.”

The Helios 5 EXL facilitates semiconductor producers to obtain a high TEM analysis performance rate by collecting more data from each wafer than is possible through currently available technologies by promoting whole wafer analysis.

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About Thermo Fisher Scientific

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SOURCE: Thermo Fisher Scientific

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