Novel Lipases of Microbial Origin for Superior Performance

Novel lipases of microbial origin selected and engineered for best performance.

A EUCODIS Bioscience Case Study

EUCODIS Bioscience offers a collection of more than 40 unique lipases of microbial origin, which are carefully selected and engineered for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food & feed industry.

Superior activity in multiple applications

Amongst other applications, Eucodis Lipases are ideal for the production of emollient esters for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Eucodis Lipases exhibit superior performance in the synthesis of high value pharmaceutical or cosmetic esters compared to the benchmark enzyme CalB.

Eucodis Lipases will also enable your process development to realize the benefits of green chemistry. All lipases by Eucodis are produced under ISO 9001 standards in media with animal-free SB/v2-2013-09-20 components. Please inquire for lipases expressed in GRAS organisms.

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