J&J to Provide its One Dose COVID-19 Vaccine to the Most Vulnerable via COVAX Humanitarian Buffer

The world’s most vulnerable populations are given access to COVID-19 vaccines thanks to the COVAX Humanitarian Buffer.

Johnson & Johnson has reached an agreement with the US Government and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi) to make its one dose COVID-19 vaccine available to the world’s most vulnerable people through an innovative mechanism called the COVAX Humanitarian Buffer. The COVAX Humanitarian Buffer is expected to receive its first delivery in the coming days.

The COVAX Humanitarian Buffer, which is part of the COVAX Facility, is meant to guarantee that persons living in conflict zones or humanitarian circumstances get access to COVID-19 vaccines, even if they are beyond the scope of typical government vaccination efforts. The COVAX Humanitarian Buffer accepts applications from governments and national and international humanitarian organizations. If applications are approved and doses are distributed, the governments or humanitarian organizations that filed the application will conduct vaccination campaigns to guarantee that people are protected against COVID-19.

Paul Stoffels, M.D., Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chief Scientific Officer said:

“We believe our single-shot COVID-19 vaccine has a critical role to play in conflict zones and other humanitarian settings that can’t be reached by government vaccination campaigns, and we are proud to be part of this effort to protect the world’s most vulnerable people. From the beginning of the pandemic, Johnson & Johnson has recognized that no one is safe until everyone is safe and has worked to develop and deliver a vaccine that can protect the health of people everywhere.”

The Inter-Agency Standing Committee, the United Nations system’s oldest and highest-level humanitarian coordination forum, estimates that about 167 million people are at risk of missing out on COVID-19 vaccination, including 60-80 million people living in areas beyond the reach of national health authorities. Vaccinating the world’s most disadvantaged groups is a global challenge since many of them may lack access to alternative healthcare options if they become infected with COVID-19. This is why the COVAX Humanitarian Buffer’s establishment is vital for ending the global COVID-19 pandemic and protecting world health.

Equitable Global Access to the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine

Johnson & Johnson is dedicated to ensuring equitable worldwide access to its COVID-19 vaccine, believing that protecting as many people as possible from hospitalization and death is vital.. The company has pledged to give its vaccine on a non-profit basis for emergency pandemic deployment across the world, with up to 900 million doses of vaccine being made available to the COVAX Facility and the African Union by 2022.

About the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine

Janssen’s patented AdVac® viral vector technology was used to develop and produce the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. The AdVac® vaccine technology is also employed by the company for its Ebola immunization regimen, as well as its candidates for preventing RSV and HIV. The J&J’s COVID-19 vaccine remains stable for two years at -20 °C (-4 °F).

Based on local labeling regulations, it can be stored at temperatures of 2-8 °C (36-46 °F) for a maximum of six months during the two-year term. The featured logistic and storage characteristics allow its distribution to remote locations using the conventional cold chain systems.

On February 27, 2021, the FDA granted an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the Johnson & Johnson single-shot COVID-19 vaccine in the United States, and on October 20, 2021, the FDA granted an EUA for a booster shot of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine for adults aged 18 and older at least two months after primary vaccination with the Company’s single-shot vaccine. In addition, on March 11, 2021, the European Commission granted Conditional Marketing Authorization (CMA), the WHO authorized Emergency Use Listing, and on March 17, the WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization issued an interim recommendation to the Company. Many additional permissions have been granted in countries throughout the world, and regulatory applications are still being processed.

For more information on J&J’s multi-pronged approach to helping combat the pandemic, please visit www.jnj.com/covid-19.

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