Sustainable Refrigeration Solutions Earn MIRAI Intex Recognition from ATMOsphere

We’re delighted to share that ATMOsphere has acknowledged MIRAI Intex as an exceptional company in the field of natural refrigerants – a testament to MIRAI’s expertise in creating cutting-edge refrigeration systems. As a leading global player, MIRAI Intex’s team takes great pride in being at the forefront of promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship.

High-performance, sustainable refrigeration solutions

MIRAI Intex has a longstanding commitment to creating high-performance refrigeration solutions that prioritise environmental sustainability while catering to the unique requirements of clients across the globe. MIRAI’s ATMOApproved Label is a reflection of this dedication, and the company’s team is honored to be acknowledged for their gold standard approach to qualifying industry leaders who are making a tangible impact in the market with their natural refrigerant systems.

A major reason for MIRAI Intex to apply for the ATMOApproved Label was that they strongly believe in the importance of natural refrigerants to minimise the environmental impact of refrigeration systems. 

Air cycle refrigeration systems to reduce energy consumption

The company utilises advanced technologies such as air cycle refrigeration systems to reduce energy consumption and heat waste while maintaining precise ultra-low temperatures. This not only helps MIRAI’s clients to save on operating costs, but also contributes to mitigating the impact of refrigeration systems on the planet. 

MIRAI Intex is enthusiastic about its commitment to developing innovative and sustainable refrigeration solutions that prioritise sustainability and efficiency. The company expresses gratitude to ATMOsphere for acknowledging their efforts and to their clients for choosing MIRAI Intex as their trusted partner in refrigeration.