Digital Temperature and Motion Monitoring Data Logger

The SenseAnywhere AiroSensor X ER model 20-20-43 is a cutting-edge temperature and motion monitoring data logger that takes product safety in pharmaceutical cold storage, as well as other industries, to new heights.

Digital Temperature and Motion Monitoring Data Logger

Building upon the success of the popular AiroSensor T ER model 20-20-31, this enhanced version introduces the IP67 class connector featuring the innovative digital SenseAnywhere Bus (SAB). The SAB is a hot pluggable interface that provides both power and data communication to SAB external sensors, delivering unprecedented advantages over traditional analogue interfaces.

SAB Allows for Independent Calibration of Each Sensor

The introduction of the SAB interface enables individual testing and calibration of external sensors. Unlike analogue interfaces, where sensors and measuring devices must be calibrated as a pair, the SAB allows for independent calibration of each sensor. This can offer pharmaceutical facilities and warehouses a significant advantage in achieving more accurate and reliable measurements.

Enhanced Temperature and Motion Data Accuracy

With a 3-axis motion accelerometer featuring a sensitivity range of 0g to 16g, the AiroSensor 20-20-43 precisely detects temperature and motion. The preferred vertical mounting position, along with the option of using very high-bond double-sided tape or stainless-steel screws for robust mounting, ensures accurate and consistent data collection even in harsh environments.

10-Year Battery Life

Like all data loggers manufactured by SenseAnywhere, the AiroSensor 20-20-43 also boasts an impressive battery life of up to 10 years or 1 million messages, removes the need for frequent battery replacements, and contributes to long-term cost savings.

Versatile and Comprehensive Data Logging Capabilities

With the ability to store up to 18,500 events with date and timestamp, and a logging interval of 5 minutes, the system provides a wealth of data for analysis, troubleshooting, and compliance reporting. The AiroSensor 20-20-43 operates effectively within an extensive temperature range of -40 °C to +70 °C, making it suitable for diverse pharmaceutical storage environments ranging from ultra-low temperature freezers to ambient temperature refrigerators.

The AiroSensor 20-20-43 can be connected to various compatible modules, such as Pt100 Probes, Temp+RH Module, and 4-20mA Input Module, providing pharmaceutical storage facilities with flexibility in monitoring different environmental parameters.

IP67 Protection Class – Dust and Water Resistant

Encased in durable PC-ABS material with an IP67 protection class, the device ensures resistance to dust and water, safeguarding the integrity of the internal components even in challenging conditions. This design ensures reliable operation in demanding pharmaceutical environments, protecting critical temperature-sensitive medications and vaccines continuously.

Secure and Reliable Wireless Connectivity

Operating on the SenseAnywhere wireless protocol at either 868 MHz (ITU Region 1) or 915 MHz (ITU Region 2), the AiroSensor 20-20-43 offers seamless roaming capabilities and reliable data transmission within a range of up to 600 meters (2000 feet) outdoors. This comprehensive and continuous monitoring coverage minimizes the risk of data gaps and maintains compliance with strict regulatory requirements for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical storage and distribution.

AiroSensor X ER model 20-20-43
AiroSensor X ER model 20-20-43 and Pt100 Probe

SenseAnywhere’s AiroSensor X ER model 20-20-43 sets a new standard for advanced monitoring technology in pharmaceutical cold storage. With its digital SenseAnywhere Bus interface, individual sensor calibration, extended battery life, and extensive data logging capabilities, the AiroSensor 20-20-43 empowers pharmaceutical facilities with unparalleled accuracy and reliability in cold storage monitoring. Its robust construction and compatibility with a wide range of external sensors make it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical companies seeking to maintain the highest standards of product safety and regulatory compliance.

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