Erythrocytes – Red Blood Cells (RBCs)

Behring Campus Eystrup (BCE) provides fresh erythrocytes, commonly referred to as Red Blood Cells (RBCs), which are stabilised in Alsever’s solution from different animal species, including chicken, turkey, and sheep. The erythrocytes provided by BCE are of high quality and suitable for applications and advancements in pharmaceutical research and development, drug discovery, and diagnostics.

BCE provides researchers and scientists with a custom collection option of fresh erythrocytes (RBCs) from a variety of animal species to meet their critical assay needs.

Erythrocytes (RBCs) for Hemagglutination Assays

Hemagglutination assays (HA) and hemagglutination inhibition assays (HI or HAI) are established and reliable methods to measure the presence and amount of viruses, bacteria, or antibodies in a sample. These assays use the natural ability of red blood cells (RBCs) to bind to the hemagglutinin protein found on the surface of many pathogens, such as influenza. By forming a lattice of RBCs and pathogens, these assays can indicate the level of infection or immunity in a sample.

Behring Campus Eystrup offers high-quality RBCs from different animal sources, such as chicken, turkey, and sheep, suitable for HI and HAI assays. The RBCs are provided fresh and stabilised in Alsever’s solution, which preserves their integrity and functionality. Furthermore, BCE can support its clients’ research by performing the complete hemagglutination assays using the preferred reagents.

Fresh Animal Erythrocytes – Red Blood Cells (RBCs)

Scientists and researchers have the opportunity to access high-quality red blood cells (RBCs) sourced freshly from Behring Campus Eystrup. These RBCs are derived from a diverse array of animals that are responsibly housed on the campus. All animal procedures and sourcing at BCS adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare. BCE’s commitment to ethical practices ensures that scientific advancements can be made responsibly.

Behring Campus Eystrup is a reliable source of RBCs and other blood products, ensuring their freshness for use in a wide range of applications. International researchers can request RBCs on demand to meet their specific requirements in preclinical research, drug discovery, vaccine development, or diagnostics.

Behring Campus Eystrup also provides a broad range of other custom biological products including blood, serum, body fluids, and tissues for research applications.

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