Compact Real-time Digital Brightfield Slide Scanner

TissueGnostics has launched a new cutting-edge compact digital brightfield slide scanner with remote real-time viewing and live stitching modes combined with the latest single cell analysis and contextual tissue cytometry software.

Real-time Screening & Live Stitching Brightfield Scanner

The StrataFAXS II is an advanced 2 slide brightfield scanner with an up-to-the-minute modern intuitive UI design enabling an interactive workflow with the unique Instant Scan and Live Stitching modes. The truly digital fully automated brightfield scanner is offered by TissueGnostics for fast and accurate analysis of HE/IHC processed tissue sections, smears and Tissue Microarrays (TMA).

Remote Instant Scan, Live Stitching & Slide Scan Modes

The ultra-modern digital brightfield slide scanner enables scientists and researchers to navigate through samples with a large field of view in real-time using the Instant Scan mode. With its innovative Live-Stitching mode, making objective changes becomes unnecessary as it allows seamless zoom in and out of the particular areas of interest. By offering complete control over the scanner when operated remotely, the device can revolutionize cell research productivity and drug discovery.

Compact design for high productivity and easy maintenance brightfield scanning

With its compact upright design, the StrataFAXS II brightfield scanner can be easily fitted in laboratories of every size. The multi-workmode technology and space-saving design enable smaller lab spaces to be just as productive as larger laboratory facilities when it comes to tissue-based cell research. The robust horizontal stage structure allows for easy maintenance and cleaning. Whether working with standard or double-sized slides, this brightfield scanner is designed to handle multiple slide dimensions.

Breakthrough single-cell analysis and contextual tissue cytometry software

Together with the integrated TissueGnostics single-cell analysis software HistoQuest and contextual tissue cytometry software StrataQuest, the unique two-slide brightfield scanner represents a comprehensive tool for scanning and analysis of HC/IHC processed tissue sections, smears and TMA’s.

The latest breakthroughs in TissueGnostics AI solutions (StrataQuest) include deep learning nuclear segmentation for a precise nuclear recognition even in dense tissue environments, and an integrated machine learning-based classifier for a limitless detection of tissue classes. Combined, these tools output a vast amount of information, which was unattainable with limited user input until now.

Increase productivity in cell research and drug discovery

The StrataFAXS II brightfield slide scanner can help increase productivity in cell research, drug discovery and drug development in numerous therapeutic fields, including oncology, immunology and neurology.

The fully automated digital brightfield scanner can support your R&D with:

  • Brightfield acquisition and analysis of HE/IHC processed tissue sections, smears and Tissue Microarrays (TMA)
  • Single cell analysis
  • Quantitative image analysis
    • Single-cell (bio)marker quantification and high dimensional co-expression and phenotyping
    • Analysis of spatial relationships between cellular subpopulations as well as metastructures
    • Determination of the immune status in situ
    • Detection and quantification of subcellular markers and pathogens
    • Supports CISH/RNAscope imaging and analysis

StrataFAXS II Digital Brightfield Scanner Features

TissueFAXS II: Digital Brightfield Scanner
  • Brightfield mode
  • Real-time scanning
  • Live stitching
  • Live view
  • 2-slide scanning
  • Remote operability
  • Compatible with standard and double-sized slides
  • Compact design
  • Easy maintenance
  • White light LED
  • Integrated image analysis software

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