Laboratory Blender for Research and Development

L.B. Bohle has developed the LM 40 laboratory blender specifically for research and development applications, offering high flexibility, mobility, scalability and rapid discharge.

Laboratory Blenders for homogeneous blending of pharmaceutical solids

The modern laboratory blenders produced by L.B. Bohle are designed for optimal homogeneous blending of pharmaceutical solids. The excellent efficiency of the LM laboratory blenders is attributed to the innovative proprietary L.B. Bohle counter-current process principle. This unique method also protects operators and the product from contamination during processing.

Laboratory blender optimised for R&D applications

The state-of-the-art LM 40 laboratory blender is optimised specifically for R&D applications and meets all current GMP requirements regarding design, operation and control.

It has a compact yet flexible design. The blending technology is powered through an alternating current motor arranged in the machine housing for maximum efficiency. The control panel of the LM laboratory blender is also placed in the machine housing, to offer easy accessibility.

Flexible, mobile laboratory blender

Fitted with adapter pipes the containers are picked up with the integrated fork load pick-up system of the laboratory blender. The flexibility of the blending systems also allows the option to use square containers, drums, dual-cone containers, V-shells, and other special containers for blending. In addition, the optional mobile lifter ensures all containers and bowls can be removed easily.

The compact rotation technology around a single axis and small footprint make this laboratory blender particularly suitable for space-saving requirements.

Scalable production results from 5 to 12,000 liters

The LM 40 laboratory blender enables easy scale-up to the required production size, offering scalable results from 5 to 12,000 litres. The blending results can be conveniently transferred to a production-scale blender. In addition to the LM 40, L.B. Bohle also offers cutting-edge large batch blenders to suit any pharmaceutical solids scale and production stage.

LM 40 Laboratory Blender

Features of the LM Laboratory Blenders

The L.B. Bohle LM laboratory blenders benefit from a number of integrated innovative new-gen technologies ensuring:

  • Optimized for R&D
  • High mobility
  • Process speeds of 150 – 1.500 rpm
  • Secured scale-up
  • Fast and complete discharge
  • High flexibility with interchangeable containers

LM Laboratory Blenders System Variations

The LM Laboratory Blenders are available in different sizes and technical designs. An example model overview:

  • LM 40 – with dimensions L995 x W755 x H1540 (mm), load capacity 40 kg inkl. Container and blending speed 10 – 50 U/min

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