Ectica and SCREEN To Jointly Exhibit at the 7th Annual 3D Tissue Models Summit

Ectica Technologies and SCREEN Holdings will be exhibiting together at the PREDiCT 7th Annual 3D TISSUE MODELS SUMMIT taking place from May 10th to 12th 2022 at the Hilton Boston Back Bay, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

The summit brings together drug discovery and development experts from around the world interested in integrating advanced 3D models with scalability and predictability. With more than 29 expert speakers, iPSC 3D cell culture models, drug screening methods, and clinical translatability maximization will be among the main topics covered at the meeting.

Tomographic imaging of organotypic cultures developed in the 3DProSeed hydrogel plate

Ectica Technologies and SCREEN will present their collaborative work related to label-free 3D tomographic imaging of organotypic cultures developed in the patented 3DProSeed hydrogel plate. The use of advanced ex vivo human organotypic cultures is rapidly expanding in the realm of oncology research and diagnostics, with a focus on patient-derived organoids and tumor tissue specimens cultured in artificial systems able to replicate tumor development mechanisms. These mechanisms include metastasis, angiogenesis and formation of dysplasia. The main goal is to enhance the label-free imaging and analytical capabilities of these complex tissue samples to enable screening and diagnostics applications.

About SCREEN Holdings Co. Ltd technology

SCREEN Holdings Co Ltd has developed a one of a kind infrared laser-based optical coherence tomography (technology equipped with an 890 nm center wavelength) light from a super luminescent diode and an objective (NA=0.3 high magnification lens), thereby, enabling non invasive, label-free, three dimensional 3D) imaging of tumoroids, epithelial cystic organoids, sprouting endothelial neo vasculature and metastatic single cells. The company presents culture and imaging protocols with the resulting 3D tomographic reconstructions of endothelial sprouting vessels, cystic epithelial organoids of the colon and 3D invasion assays of highly metastatic glioma cells.

About Ectica Technologies and 3DProSeed hydrogel plate

The unique 3DProSeed hydrogel plate developed by Ectica Technologies provides the highest workflow integration in screening processes. It requires no hydrogel assembly steps: the hydrogels are pre-casted in the plate and delivered hydrated and ready for cell seeding. With the special hydrogel surface, no cell encapsulation procedures are needed. In addition, the hydrogels, made of poly(ethylene glycol)-based bioconjugates, are fully synthetic and animal-free and offer the highest control over the culture conditions, as well as the possibility to upgrade to GMP for cell therapy applications. Finally, various cell populations can be sequentially seeded at different points in time to generate complex co-cultures. This allows for the creation of stromal environments under controlled conditions, to which cancer cells can be subsequently added.