Cutting-Edge Laser Microdissection Advancements – Video

MMI has introduced the next generation of laser microdissection systems – the CellCut.

Breakthrough Advancements for Clean and Precise Dissection

This cutting-edge laser microdissection technology brings breakthrough advancements for clean and precise dissection of any sample type, including live or fixed cells, cell clusters, single cells, or subcellular components.

The Future of Single Cell Isolation

The cutting-edge technology effectively eliminates the risk of contamination through contact-free cutting of single cells or tissue.

Unlike systems reliant on gravity for sample collection, CellCut facilitates visual inspection and documentation of successfully collected samples, ensuring continuous monitoring of cutting efficiency.

Another pioneering feature of the MMI CellCut system lies in its modular design. This innovative approach enables effortless integration with a Whole Slide Scanner (CellScan) or Cell Picker (CellEctor). As technological advancements progress, the CellCut laser microdissection system can be conveniently upgraded, enabling researchers to remain at the forefront of scientific innovation without necessitating investment in an entirely new system.

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