Pre-developed Stromal Models for Tumor-Stroma Interaction Studies

The novel 3DProSeed ® StromaLine ® developed by Ectica is an advantageous collection of pre-developed and well characterized stromal models perfect for tumor-stroma interaction studies.

Pre-developed Stromal Models for Tumor-Stroma Interaction Studies

Thanks to the unique StromaLine ® by Ectica, anti-cancer drug screenings can be performed in the presence of the stromal compartment with minimal adaptation efforts.

The StromaLine ® pre-developed assay-ready stromal models are underpinned by the proprietory 3DProSeed ® hydrogel platform designed to study the interactions between tumor cells and a model of the surrounding tumor stromal microenvironment.

The 3DProSeed 96-well imaging plate comes with pre-casted synthetic hydrogels and does not require any hydrogel assembly steps. The StromaLine ® is delivered with its own pretested cells, media and characterization reagents from Ectica Technologies and is guaranteed to be assay-ready. All proteins deposited in the hydrogel are endogenously deposited by cells resulting in highly characterized stromal models for tumor interaction studies.

High-content screening-compatible synthetic models of the stromal microenvironment

New discoveries in oncology, can be facilitated through the capacity to create a synthetic model of the stromal microenvironment in a high-content screening-compatible manner.

Cancer growth, progression, and metastasis are all influenced by the tumor microenvironment. Stromal cells and their extracellular matrix, in particular, play an important role in determining cancer pathophysiology.

The StromaLineTM Collection includes:

The 3DProSeed Stromaline – pre-developed and characterized mesenchymal stromal matrix from adipose tissue or bone marrow MSCs

The 3DProSeed Vascular Niche – pre-developed and characterized advanced co-cultures of human bone marrow endothelial cells (ECs) and mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs)

The 3DProSeed StromaLine Glial Models and NSS – pre-developed and characterized cellular models to study the microenvironment of malignant gliomas and inflammatory processes in the nervous system.

3DProSeed StromaLine Lung and Pancreas Tumor Stroma – pre-developed and characterized pulmonary and pancreatic tumor stromal models made of patient-derived cancer associated fibroblasts (CAFs) ideal for tumor-stroma interaction studies.

StromaLine Features

The 3DProSeed 96 Well Microtiter Plate with Synthetic Hydrogels
  • 3DProSeed standard 96-well imaging plate format with pre-casted hydrogels
  • Ready for cell seeding
  • Pre-developed and guaranteed to be assay-ready
  • Highly characterized stromal models
  • Free from animal derived components

Integration and customization

Ectica Technologies also offers OEM/Private Label solutions customizable in terms of hydrogel chemistry, format and branding.

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