Hammer Mills for Pharmaceutical Solids Production

L.B. Bohle’s modern hammer mills offer advanced functionality and versatility for R&D and batch production or continuous manufacturing applications.

Hammer mills for pharmaceutical solids production

The use of hammer mills is particularly advantageous for precise particle reduction of hard-to-mill active ingredients and other chemical substances, as well as the milling of powders, agglomerates, and granules. In the pharma industry, hammer mills are also commonly used for re-milling of fragmented tablets. Through this recycling process operators can reduce rejects and increase efficiency and product output.

BTM Hammer Mills can produce up to 1,500kg/h

Equipped with an automatic dispenser unit, the L.B. Bohle BTM hammer mills can operate at processing speeds between 600 rpm and 6000 rpm and reach levels of production of up to 1,500 kg/h. With the automatic dispenser, operators can feed material into the milling chamber evenly and without overloading. Moreover, the feeder unit controls the powder flow in the milling chamber, ensuring that mixing is homogeneous. As less heat is generated through the use of this technology, it is possible to replicate the process using the same parameters.

Wet or dry product milling functionality

The BTM hammer mills provide advanced flexibility in being able to support both wet or dry products. A two-sided internal rotor provides a choice of different functions. Whilst the knife side chops sticky products, the hammer side can crush hard, crystalline products.

Inside the hammer mill, the particle size is defined by the sieve size selected for the mill. The BTM hammer mills offer interchangeability of different sieve inserts that can be used to reduce the material size to as small as 0.1 mm.

hammer mill
BTM Hammer Mill

Features of the BTM Hammer Mills

The L.B. Bohle BTM systems benefit from a number of integrated innovative new-gen technologies ensuring:

  • Easy to operate, modular and compact
  • Particle size < 100 µm
  • Speed of 600 – 6000rpm
  • Two-sided rotor for wet or dry milling
  • Fast and easy dismantling 
  • Easy Touch Panel operation
  • GMP and FDA compliant gasket

BTM Hammer Mill Variations

L.B. Bohle’s hammer mills are available in different sizes and technical designs.

As an overview and comparison of the system variations, the specifications of two of the main models are as follows:

  • BTM 150 – with dimensions L1370 x W900 x H1990, output ca. 1500 kg/h, particle size < 100 µm and 7″ Touch Panel system
  • BTM 300 – with dimensions L1600 x W900 x H2300 (mm), output ca. 2500 kg/h, particle size < 100 µm and 7″ Touch Panel system

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