Proteinase K Solution – DNase/RNase-Free

GERBU offers high-quality Proteinase K Solution, RNase/DNase free, ≥800U/ml, 20mg/ml.

This Proteinase K solution has been purified and tested for the absence of DNase and RNase and is ideally suitable for DNA and RNA extraction applications.

Proteinase K Solution – DNase/RNase-Free, 20mg/ml, ≥800U/ml

Proteinase K Solution – DNase/RNase-Free is a liquid form of Proteinase K that has been purified and tested for the absence of DNase and RNase. This solution can be used for various applications that involve the digestion of proteins and the inactivation of nucleases. Proteinase K remains active over a wide pH range.

The GERBU Proteinase K Solution is in the form of a clear and colorless liquid. This 20 mg/ml Proteinase K solution is a nonspecific serine protease that is ideal for the digestion of proteins, and for DNA/RNA extraction. With a remarkable enzyme activity of ≥800U/ml, this solution offers exceptional performance in various applications.

Unit definition: One Unit of proteinase K hydrolyzes urea-denatured hemoglobin producing color equivalent of 1µmol tyrosine per 1 min at 37°C and pH 7.5 ( Folin & Ciocalteu’s method).

  • Storage buffer:
  • 10mM Tris HCl pH 7.5
  • 1mM calcium acetate
  • 50%Glycerol

Advantages of DNase/RNase-Free Proteinase K Solution

Proteinase K is an enzyme that belongs to the class of serine proteases, characterised by its ability to break down proteins by cleaving the peptide bonds between amino acids. Meanwhile, DNase and RNase are enzymes that degrade DNA and RNA. These enzymes are present in many biological samples and can interfere with the isolation or analysis of nucleic acids.

Therefore, it is important to use solutions that are free of DNase and RNase when working with DNA or RNA. This GERBU Proteinase K solution is DNase/RNase-Free and does not contain any contaminants that could introduce them, ensuring its utmost purity and effectiveness.

Proteinase K Applications

Proteinase K plays a crucial role in DNA and RNA preparation by eliminating natural nucleases from biological samples. It digests protective proteins like histones or ribonucleoproteins and inactivates any remaining DNases or RNases that could degrade nucleic acids during extraction or purification.

The benefits of Proteinase K extend beyond nucleic acid preparation. Its unique ability to permeabilize cell membranes and break down proteins that link DNA or RNA in the tissue. This facilitates the optimal preparation of tissue sections for in situ hybridization. This opens up new possibilities for studying gene expression, localization, and other molecular interactions within the tissue, with precision and accuracy.

Proteinase K is also valuable for studying enzyme cleavage specificity, serving as a reference enzyme to compare the activity and substrate preferences of other proteases.

GERBU’s Proteinase K 20mg/ml Solution, free from DNase/RNase, with high enzyme activity of ≥800U/ml, offers reliability, purity, and outstanding performance for your research. To find out more please contact GERBU.

Proteinase K Solution – DNase/RNase-Free, 20mg/ml, ≥800U/ml by GERBU


  • Source: Tritirachium album
  • Host: Pichia pastoris
  • Proteinase K Solution
  • DNase/RNase-Free
  • 20mg/ml
  • ≥800U/ml
  • Clear and colorless liquid
  • Manufactured by GERBU

For use in laboratory and production. Not for human or animal use. For professional users only.

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