Sieving Machines for Milling of Pharmaceutical Solids

The next generation of Sieving Machines developed by L.B. Bohle offers numerous advantages for pharmaceutical solids production, including design flexibility, high capacity, narrow distribution of particle sizes and low noise levels.

Sieving Machines for Milling of Pharmaceutical Solids

Sieving machines play an important part in pharmaceutical manufacturing due to their versatility. Whether integrated into complex production lines or for filling and decanting containers (IBCs), multifunctionality, efficiency and footprint size are decisive factors in choosing the perfect sieving machine. The modern BTS sieving machines by L.B. Bohle can be used for uniform size reduction of APIs, as well as for mixing and dispersing.

Achieving up to 50% higher throughput

L.B. Bohle’s patented BTS Turbo Sieve is used for calibrating the particle size thereby assuring optimal particle size distribution. Processing of low-density materials, with the BTS sieving system, can achieve 50% higher throughput than that of conventional mills.

Integration-friendly design and small footprint 

The BTS sieving machines are designed to have a small footprint, which is particularly beneficial for clean rooms with a limited size. Moreover, to allow integration into just about any process set-up, L.B. Bohle’s sieves can be equipped with built-in lifting columns. L.B. Bohle offers sieving machines in a broad spectrum of different sizes, from laboratory equipment to high-capacity systems.

Fast and easy maintenance

The sieving machines developed by the company are designed to offer maximum flexibility in the manufacturing environment and are mobile to increase processing efficiency even further. They can be disassembled and assembled quickly and conveniently for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Particle sizing of both dry products and wet products

With the possibility to use different types of hole sieve and friction sieve inserts, both dry and wet products can be processed at speeds of 150 to 1500 rpm, realizing product capacities of two to three metric tons per hour.

The user-friendly touch panel offers access to user and recipe management, as well as PDF batch print management and USB interface option.

Advanced process monitoring and safety

With the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology option, sieve inserts can be fitted with data carriers that store important process information. This helps to analyse and optimise process performance and increases reliability and documentation logs for batch reporting.

BTS sieving machine

Features of the Sieving Machines

The L.B. Bohle BTS Sieving Machines benefit from a number of integrated innovative new-gen technologies ensuring:

  • Cutting-edge impeller design
  • Process speeds of 150 – 1.500 rpm
  • Particle sizing of dry and wet products
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Production capacities of 2–3 metric tons/hour
  • Variety of available conical hole sieves
  • Touch panel
  • Small footprint

BTS Sieving Machines System Variations

The BTS sieving machines are available in different sizes and technical designs. As overview of two models, specifications are:

  • BTS 100 – with dimensions L930 x W500 x H1000 (mm), output of 1000 kg/h and speed 300-3000 UpM
  • BTS 200 – with dimensions L1750 x W905 x H1980 (mm), output of 2000-3000 kg/h and speed of 150-1500 UpM

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