Space-saving Pharmaceutical Lifting Columns

L.B Bohle’s space-saving pharmaceutical lifting columns are distinguished with their exceptional design, robust construction and the electromechanical lifting drive.

Space-saving Pharmaceutical Lifting Columns with Integrated Electromechanical Components

By integrating electrical and mechanical components within the lifting column, L.B. Bohle has created a standardised space-saving lifting unit for numerous applications in pharmaceutical production.

The space-saving HS pharmaceutical lifting column is built on years of experience in handling technology and is optimised to answer the specific requirements in the pharma industry.

Hydraulic vs Electric Drive Lifting Machines

Compared to mainstream hydraulic lifting technology, L.B. Bohle’s robust and electrically operated chain drive technology needs considerably less maintenance and eliminates hygiene problems in clean rooms.

The space-saving pharmaceutical lifting column designed by L.B. Bohle are utilised globally for simple as well as complex work processes.

Integration Options in Complex Pharmaceutical Production Lines

The lifting columns provide varied integration options in complex production lines, including:

  1. Transport of containers on horizontal and vertical levels
  2. Filling/discharge processes at process machines, such as tablet coaters, tablet presses, capsule filling machines or sieving machines
  3. Integration in weighing systems
  4. Equipment of the lifting columns with containment valves for dust-free work processes
  5. Expansion of the lifting columns with cleaning aggregates

Space-Saving Lifting Column SL for Limited Processing Spaces

Space-saving lifting columns are paramount in the pharmaceutical sector as production room capacity is of great importance.
L.B. Bohle’s SL type lifting column is specifically designed to meet the requirements for reduced space. The HS 1000 SL lifting column comes with a pre-integrated control cabinet and requires only 0.3 m2 of space. This lifting system is ideal for use even in extremely limited processing spaces.

Automated Control via Touch Panel

The HS SL lifting column is operated via a Touch Panel based on microcontrollers. The lifting column is automatically controlled through an intuitive user interface that provides a significant competitive advantage.

The Space-saving Pharmaceutical Lifting Column

Features of the Lifting Columns

The L.B. Bohle lifting columns benefit from a number of integrated innovative new-generation technologies offering:

  • Standardised, space-saving design
  • Ergonomic and GMP-compliant design facilitates cleaning and operation
  • Automated and semi-automated process sequences using of a PLC with touch-panel visualisation
  • High versatility through optional equipment and individual solution variants

Pharmaceutical Lifting Columns Variations

The HS SL lifting columns are available in different sizes and technical designs. An example model overview:

  • HS 300 – Max. load [kg] 300; Standard height [mm] 2900
  • HS 400 – Max. load [kg] 400; Standard height [mm] 3400
  • HS 600 – Max. load [kg] 600; Standard height [mm] 3400
  • HS 800 – Max. load [kg] 800; Standard height [mm] 3400
  • HS 1000 – Max. load [kg] 1000; Standard height [mm] 3400
  • HS 1500 – Max. load [kg] 1500; Standard height [mm] 3900
  • HS 2000 – Max. load [kg] 2000; Standard height [mm] 3900

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