Mobile AccessPoint With and Without GPS

SenseAnywhere offers the cutting-edge Mobile AccessPoint with and without GPS, designed to connect your wireless sensors to the Cloud.

Mobile AccessPoint With GPS

The SenseAnywhere Mobile AccessPoint with GPS 20-01-10 serves as a convenient plug-and-play device, establishing a seamless connection between SenseAnywhere’s wireless Sensors and the Cloud service. Its cellular modem and integrated GPS receiver make it particularly well-suited for both transportation and remote areas.

The wireless interaction between the Sensors and the network is a bidirectional process that is fully safeguarded through encryption. This ensures the utmost data protection and integrity that the pharmaceutical sector demands. In any given location, a Sensor automatically identifies SenseAnywhere AccessPoints, facilitating the transmission of data to the central database. Subsequently, the Sensor awaits confirmation of successful reception. Upon receiving confirmation, the message is then eliminated from the Sensor’s memory. Notably, the protocol includes provisions for re-transmission attempts and filtering of duplicate packets, ensuring the preservation of all events without any losses.

SenseAnywhere’s Mobile AccessPoint establishes an internet connection (2G, 3G, or 4G) and integrates a GPS receiver module, enabling real-time tracking of your loggers’ precise locations. This ability is particularly important for pharmaceutical supply chains as it provides valuable insights into the precise location of sensitive cargo during transit.

Mobile AccessPoint Without GPS

The Mobile AccessPoint Without GPS 20-01-10 is a plug-and-play solution that seamlessly establishes a connection between SenseAnywhere’s wireless Sensors and the dedicated Cloud service. Its integrated cellular modem makes it exceptionally suitable for use in pharmaceutical transportation and remote setups.

SenseAnywhere AccessPoints play a pivotal role in linking our cutting-edge Sensors to SenseAnywhere’s dedicated Cloud Service. The wireless communication process between the Sensors and the network is characterised by its bidirectional nature and comprehensive encryption, ensuring the utmost security and data integrity.

In any geographical setting, these Sensors autonomously detect the presence of SenseAnywhere AccessPoints, enabling the secure transmission of essential data to the centralized database. Subsequently, the Sensor awaits confirmation of successful data reception, a key step in maintaining the accuracy of transmitted information. Upon receipt of confirmation, the corresponding data is promptly erased from the Sensor’s memory. A noteworthy aspect of this system’s protocol is its incorporation of mechanisms for re-transmission attempts and meticulous filtering to eliminate duplicate data packets. This guarantees that no vital event or data point is ever lost.

Furthermore, the Mobile AccessPoint enhances this solution by establishing a dependable internet connection, utilising 2G, 3G, or 4G networks based on availability. This expanded connectivity not only streamlines the data transmission process but also enhances the overall versatility and utility of the solution.

Mobile AccessPoint with GPS receiver
Mobile AccessPoint Without GPS

The AccessPoint without GPS is available in two convenient variants: one equipped with a cigarette lighter plug and the other with a power adaptor.

Version with a power adaptor
Version with cigarette lighter plug

The SenseAnywhere Mobile AccessPoint With and Without GPS is designed to seamlessly bridge the connection between SenseAnywhere’s advanced Sensors and the dedicated Cloud Service. It excels in maintaining data security, accuracy, and accessibility, making it an indispensable asset for various industries, particularly in highly regulated sectors such as pharmaceuticals, as well as all those encompassing transportation and remote operations.

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