L.B. Bohle Sets New Standard for Continuous Granulation and Drying

L.B Bohle’s new equipment for continuous granulation and drying is setting new standards and revolutionizing pharmaceutical technology.

Following eleven months of project time, a Germany-based manufacturer of generic products has successfully accepted the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of the QbCon® WG – a cutting-edge continuous wet granulator and dryer.

German generics manufacturer uses QbCon® WG

Tim Remmert, Managing Director of L.B. Bohle Maschinen und Verfahren GmbH commented:

“The new unit allows a throughput of 25 kg/h per hour and is designed for continuous production. This means that the unit can produce without interruption and generate a high throughput,” continues Remmert.

L.B. Bohle sets landmark with continuous granulation and drying

The proportion of continuously operating systems integrated into pharmaceutical production is still limited at present, with production running mainly in classic batch or batch production. Over the last years, however, there has been a significant increase in demand for continuously operating systems.

Thorsten Wesselmann, Managing Director, emphasized the exceptional position of the Ennigerloh-based technology company:

“With our various solutions for continuous dry and wet granulation as well as continuous drying and tablet coating, we are top of the market. In addition to the individual components, our solutions for the production of coated tablets via dry or wet granulation or direct compression offer cutting-edge technology.”

New Equipment for continuous manufacturing and containment coating revolutionizes pharmaceutical technology

The recently accepted QbCon® WG system revolutionizes pharmaceutical technology. The development and production of this brand new manufacturing facility was also a challenge for L.B. Bohle: not only in satisfying the requirements but also how the time frame from conception to completion was very demanding for the Bohle team.

Tim Remmert was proud to announce:

“The dryer has been successfully patented. With this innovation, we are far ahead of our competitors, as we are the only supplier that can implement a truly continuous process. The competitors can only produce in sub-batches and often have problems with blocked (clogged) filters.”

Thorsten Wesselmann emphasizes the combination of knowledge and cooperation:

“Once again, we have proven that we can solve complex challenges with know-how and outstanding team performance. Our customer has always emphasized that our project team and their competence was an important factor in the procurement”.

Milestone in pharmaceutical production: QbCon® WG revolutionizes continuous wet granulation and drying.

Bohle’s continuous production line will soon be installed at its new production site in Eastern Germany. Production of analgesics is scheduled to start on QbCon® WG in the 1st quarter of 2021.

L.B. Bohle develops containment coater BFC 5 for R&D

A multinational corporation from Great Britain has entrusted L.B. Bohle with a very special task: construction of a containment coater for R&D.

Executive Director Thorsten Wesselmann commented:

“We have always built coaters for containment applications for the production scale. This is why we now had to develop a new solution for R&D.“

Using the standard BFC 5 as a basis for a high containment coater

The Laboratory Coater BFC 5, which is currently used successfully in product development and for small batches, served as the basis machine for the project. In a second step, we configured the BFC as a high containment coater. A particular challenge was the installation of the entire technology in the smaller system.

Thorsten Wesselmann stated:

“We adopted some elements from projects and systems, among other things, the door from the BFC 50 as well as the sampling with inflatable seals from other successful projects.”

Protection and comfortable handling

Sampling can be performed easily at the front door of the coater. The BFC 5 Containment Coater is designed for OEB level 4 and is used by the customer for product development as well as for the manufacture of products for clinical trials.

Thorsten Wesselmann explained:

“The industry’s requirements concerning containment are increasing at a rapid pace due to highly potent active ingredients. Apart from comprehensive safety aspects for the environment and operators, we at L.B. Bohle attach special importance to comfortable handling.”

BFC 5: Suitable for use in product development: The BFC 5 Containment Coater offers maximum protection for the environment and operator.