Colorimetric Recognition RT-LAMP Assay Kit

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Protean offers a novel Colorimetric Recognition RT-LAMP Assay Kit based on isothermal amplification for easy identification of a variety of pathogens and specific DNA and RNA sequences.

With its innovative technology, this Assay Kit enables colorimetric recognition of results with sensitivity equal to RT-PCR at Ct 35-38, from saliva and other samples that can be easily monitored with the naked eye.

RT-LAMP (reverse transcription and loop-mediated isothermal amplification)

RT-LAMP enables amplification of high specificity, efficacy, and speed nucleic acids in isothermal settings, with constant temperatures such as those in incubators, hybridization ovens, or dry blocks. The results may be accurately viewed with the naked eye or with a mobile device based on the color changes. On request, graphical analysis software can be provided. Except for specific primers, the test provides everything needed to identify any target of interest.

Identification of Pathogens and Specific DNA and RNA Sequences

The BstI DNA polymerase and ProRT reverse transcriptase are in-house developed by Protean and are fully certified amplification enzymes. With the Colorimetric Recognition RT-LAMP Assay Kit, samples are screened for pathogen-specific targets as well as other nucleic acid targets. Saliva, gargling, nasopharyngeal swabs, BAL, and sputum are all acceptable sampling methods.

The easy-to-use kit includes all necessary reagents (except specific primers), positive control & primers, and reaction tubes with a dye spotted in the cap. The included reaction tubes are 8-strips or 96-well plates with dye-spotted caps.

Colorimetric Recognition RT-LAMP Assay Kit

Colorimetric recognition can be monitored with the naked eye or on a mobile device. Positive and negative samples are clearly recognisable in the azure color or as colorless. Upon demand, graphic analysis software for 96-well plate analysis is also provided.

Colorimetric recognition

Amplification Enzymes for Downstream GMP Processes

The full portfolio of enzymes manufactured by Protean is perfect for use in pharma and biopharma manufacturing cGMP applications.

The amplification enzymes BstI DNA polymerase and ProRT Reverse Transcriptase used in the kit are produced by Protean in an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified environment and are approved for use in downstream GMP certified manufacturing processes.


  • Novel Colorimetric Recognition Technology
  • Results visible with the naked eye
  • Sensitivity is comparable to RT-PCR at Ct 35-38
  • All necessary reagents, primers, reaction tubes/96-well plate and dye are included
  • Fully qualified for use in downstream GMP certified processes

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