Chemical Synthesis and CDMO Services

Biosynth specialises in Chemical Synthesis and Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) services, providing a comprehensive range of bulk and custom chemical and biochemical products.

Chemical Synthesis and CDMO Services

With unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the chemistry of carbohydrates, nucleosides, enzyme substrates, and intermediates for manufacturing Biosynth is a globally recognised leader in the field. Biosynth’s chemical synthesis and CDMO services ensure that pharma companies have access to reliable and efficient processes for synthesizing complex chemical compounds, which are essential for drug discovery, development, and production. These expert services enable companies to obtain consistent, pure, and well-characterized compounds, ensuring the safety, efficacy, and regulatory compliance of their pharmaceutical products.

Chemical Synthesis

Biosynth stands out in the field of chemical synthesis, particularly in the realm of complex and challenging projects, with a specialisation in carbohydrate and nucleoside chemistry. The company’s experienced synthetic chemists are able to overcome obstacles that others may struggle with, providing solutions that surpass expectations in organic chemical synthesis.

Carbohydrates and nucleosides are deeply ingrained in Biosynth’s DNA. With decades of experience in synthesizing molecules for companies and universities operating in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, veterinary, biotechnology and chemistry fields, Biosynth has become a leader in synthetic chemistry, continuously striving to expand the frontiers of innovation and excellence.

End-to-end CDMO Services

Whether the project involves innovative process design or seamless integration of existing methods for manufacturing pharmaceutical ingredients or complex chemicals, Biosynth ensures the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. As a flexible end-to-end CDMO service provider, Biosynth offers a wide range of services spanning from transitioning existing manufacturing and analytical methods for GMP manufacturing to complete chemical process development programs encompassing route scouting, optimisation, and analytical development.

State-of-the-art GMP Manufacturing Facilities

Biosynth can produce new API’s, advanced intermediates, diagnostic reagents, metabolites, antimicrobials, cosmetic ingredients, dyes, building blocks and many more raw materials to the required specification and scale. Biosynth’s state-of-the-art facilities are ISO and GMP compliant, allowing the manufacture of chemicals on scales ranging from milligrams to tons while maintaining optimal budget control and time-to-market considerations. Additionally, Biosynth offers filling, packing, and storage services in its modern temperature-controlled warehouses.

From the inception of an idea to the delivery of the final product, Biosynth empowers its customers to streamline costs, minimize infrastructure investment, and accelerate time-to-market through its exceptional chemical synthesis and CDMO services.