Single Pot Granulators for Solid Dosage Forms Production

L.B. Bohle has a product portfolio of efficient single-pot granulators that includes R&D systems for solid dosage production batch sizes from 20 to 960 litres.

Single Pot Granulators for Mixing, Granulation and Drying Efficiency

Mixing, high-shear wet granulation and drying processes are combined with single-pot granulation technology into one single piece of equipment. Therefore investing in the right single pot granulator can make a significant difference to pharmaceutical production output and product quality.

L.B. Bohle has developed the VMA single pot granulator for exceptional mixing and granulation efficiency, even for low doses of active agents at < 1%, thereby helping pharmaceutical companies to increase their production output. In addition, the drying process is performed at low temperatures, with low energy consumption, which reduces production costs.

Innovative single pot granulation technology for optimal quality granules

The single pot granulator product range features classic single-pot granulators with agitator and chopper units and a top drive. The shearing action is performed by two stirrers which loosen the product and prevent clumping. The GMP-compliant process bowl with a double shell is at the centre of the single pot granulator. The production outcome of this technology is a granule of optimum quality.

Easy operation and cleaning single pot granulator system

The process bowl is designed to be emptied easily through a cone-shaped sieve via the floor outlet into a container and recipe-controlled cleaning is carried out automatically. The VMA system has a small footprint which contributes to easy maintenance and saves floor space.

Features of the Single Pot Granulator

single pot granulators
The VMA 600 Single Pot Granulator System

The L.B. Bohle VMA single pot granulator systems benefit from a number of integrated innovative new-gen technologies ensuring:

  • High mixing and granulation efficiency
  • Low energy consumption
  • Efficient solvent recovery through cooling water
  • Easy operation and cleaning
  • Small footprint

VMA Single Pot Granulator System Variations

The VMA Single Pot Granulators are available in four main models:

  • VMA 70 – with dimensions L1800 x W1300 x H2500 (mm), PLC control and In Touch visualisation by Wonderware
  • VMA 300 – with dimensions L2290 x W1650 x H2950 (mm), PLC control and In Touch visualisation by Wonderware
  • VMA 600 – with dimensions L2525 x W1850 x H3350 (mm), PLC control and In Touch visualisation by Wonderware
  • VMA 1200 – with dimensions L3365 x W2150 x H4400 (mm), PLC control and In Touch visualisation by Wonderware

Beside the single pot granulators in production scale, L.B. Bohle also offer a laboratory system with the VMA 10 single pot granulator.

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