Cell Picker System

CellEctor is a cutting-edge cell picker system that enables the selective isolation of rare and single-cells in suspensions with unsurpassed precision. This modern cell picker redefines flexibility and versatility with its modular design, allowing for nearly limitless microscope, objectives lenses and imaging mode compatibility, as well as optional advanced AI-based software upgrades for automated cell detection.

The cell picker system developed by Molecular Machines and Industries (MMI) is an indispensable tool for researchers at the forefront of groundbreaking discoveries in fields such as pathology, cancer research & oncology, immunology, single-cell genomics, cell line development, stem cell research, cellular diagnostics, and virology.

Cell Picker System for Precise Single Cell Isolation

The MMI CellEctor is a sophisticated cell picker designed for selective and highly precise isolation of target cells, including rare and single cells in suspensions, such as circulating tumour cells (CTCs) and stem cells, as well as adherent cells with its breakthrough shake mode. The high-precision microfluidic cell picking robot ensures gentle cell transfer and collection, maintaining cell integrity and promoting optimal growth rates. It provides up to 100% picking and transfer efficiency of living or fixed cells. The MMI CellEctor offers researchers a method to isolate and manipulate desired cells without relying on complex sorting techniques such as Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS). Unlike FACS, which may be efficient for high-throughput sorting but not suitable for rare or precise target cell selection, the CellEctor allows manual picking of individual cells of interest, ideal for applications involving rare cells or requiring precise selection.

The Ultimate Solution for Flexible Cell Picking and Analysis

The cell picker system is compatible with close to all inverted microscopes and is fully expandable with all other MMI devices, such as the CellCut laser microdissection system, the CellScan whole slide scanner, and the CellManipulator optical trapping system. With the optional CellDetector AI-powered analysis software, the cell picker can automatically detect and isolate cells according to their color, morphology and size. The CellEctor’s boundless configuration possibilities, position it as the market leader in flexible cell picking performance.

In addition, the CellEctor provides full optical control, allowing user-defined liquid handling of workflows for automated collection and depositing of single cells in suspensions. It is compatible with various slide-based platforms, including PCR tubes, IBIDI, and different well plates, such as standard 96-well plates to maximise throughput.

The MMI CellEctor can be equipped with a wide range of slide-based platforms.

AI-powered Software Enables Automated Cell Detection and Cell Picking

Pairing the cell picker with the optional CellDetector AI-powered software facilitates automatic cell detection and cell picking from any sample based on colour (fluorescence), morphology, and relative size. Allowing user-defined liquid handling for the collection and deposition of single cells the automated cell detection with CellDetector eliminates the need for laborious manual searching. These features significantly accelerate workflows and optimise research efficiency. The automated cell detection and picking process also ensures that only the desired cells are isolated, minimising contamination. Together with the sophisticated AI software the cell picker provides unprecedented precision and convenience for target cell isolation.

target cell isolation
 Automatic detection of sperm cells (highlighted in red) of a vaginal swab. These sperm cells can be individually isolated for forensic DNA profiling.

Selective Isolation of Adherent Single Cells

Adherent single cells are cells that stick to surfaces, making their isolation challenging without altering their characteristics. The conventional method of detachment using trypsin can affect the cells’ RNA and protein expression profiles, causing biased transcriptomics or proteomics data. The MMI CellEctor cell picker, with its shake mode feature, enables the isolation of adherent cells without compromising their viability or integrity. This means that living adherent cells can now be selectively isolated for downstream applications, including sensitive RNA and protein expression analysis.

Single cell is detached
Single adherent HeLa cell is detached by gentle shaking and taken up by the MMI CellEctor.

Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are cells shed from primary tumors that circulate in the bloodstream and have the potential to form metastases. They represent tumor heterogeneity and carry mutational burdens present in cancerous tumors. Isolating individual CTCs is crucial for studying tumor heterogeneity and improving the understanding and management of various cancer types. The cell picker system allows precise selection of single CTCs for subsequent analysis, facilitating personalised medicine approaches and non-invasive monitoring of cancer patients.

Cell Picker System
The CellEctor Cell Picker System


  • Rare and Single Cell Isolation with ultra-high precision
  • Highest flexibility on the market
  • Compatible with almost all inverted microscopes
  • Compatible with all MMI single-cell devices
  • Optional AI-powered automation software
  • Gentle cell transfer maintains optimal cell integrity
  • No contamination from unwanted cells
  • User-Defined Liquid Handling

The unique MMI CellEctor empowers researchers to analyse cells at the single-cell level with the highest possible precision, enabling breakthrough discoveries in areas such as pathology, oncology, immunology, gene & cell therapies, and beyond.