Temperature and Relative Humidity Module for Dynamic Environments

The new Temperature and Relative Humidity Module (Temp+RH Module) developed by SenseAnywhere can perform exceedingly well in dynamic environments.

Measuring between 0-99% relative humidity (non-condensing) and monitoring temperatures from -40°C to +70°C, the compact yet powerful Temp+RH Module shows immense potential.

Fast Response Temp+RH Module

Because the sensors of the Temp+RH Module are designed to be exposed directly to the environment with a minimal amount of material surrounding them, the small-sized yet powerful module also has an ultra-fast response time.

The swift response time of the Temperature and Relative Humidity Module makes it perfect to be placed next to an existing data logger to verify its measurements whilst performing its task with no downtime. In the pharma industry, where it is crucial to ensure accurate data logging, the Temp+RH Module provides an easy and risk-free solution for safety and compliance.

Temp+RH Module ideal for Mapping or validation of refrigerators and freezers

When installed on the AiroSensor model 20-20-43 data logger, this Temp+RH Module can perform precise Mapping or validation of refrigerators and freezers as well as small cold stores or vehicle cargo spaces.

For temperature measurements, the module easily meets the highest accuracy class standard for data loggers over its complete temperature range, including the highest safety requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Temp+RH Module along with the AiroSensor model 20-20-43 data logger provides a secure measuring tool that can easily fit in vaccine fridges and freezers and ensure accurate readings and regulatory compliance. In addition, the Temp+RH Module can also be used for reference measurements in the field.

Temperature and Relative Humidity Module (Temp+RH) for dynamic environments

Thanks to its compact size, the Temp+RH Module can be used in places that are difficult to access, where space is very limited or a standard data logger will not fit. Moreover, the module provides a great solution for areas that have a poor wireless connection due to shielding.

SenseAnywhere has SAB Extension Cables available with various lengths of up to 10m long, which can be used to separate the Temp+RH module from the AiroSensor. The module can be combined with SenseAnywhere’s SAB Extension Cables, which allows products with a SenseAnywhere Bus (SAB) interface to be connected. In this manner, the cable can be connected between an AiroSensor model 20-20-43 and the Temp+RH Module to transfer its measurements to the data logger from the most difficult-to-reach places.

The Temp+RH Module can be calibrated as an individual device to ensure all measurements are accurate, as the electronics are integrated into the connector.

1. The Temp+RH Module with the AiroSensor model 20-20-43; 2. Temp+RH Module; 3. The SAB Extension Cable (Images: SenseAnywhere)


  • Accurate temperature monitoring range of -40°C to +70°C
  • Accuracy Max. ±0.10°C (0°C to 70°C) / Max. ±0.15°C (-40°C to 0°C)
  • Ideal for dynamic environments
  • Swift Response Time
  • 24/7 real-time audit and reporting

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