Alzheimer’s Disease Research Products

StressMarq manufactures and offers a comprehensive range of Alzheimer’s Disease Research Products. StressMarq’s product range includes Antibodies, Proteins, Immunoassays, Small Molecule Inhibitors, and unique cutting-edge products such as Tau and Amyloid Beta Pre-formed Fibrils (PFFs), Oligomers, & Monomers.

Alzheimer’s Disease Research Products

Alzheimer’s disease research requires a diverse array of products to understand the biological and cellular mechanisms of the disease and explore novel approaches for drug discovery. With a commitment to cutting-edge advancements in neurodegenerative disease research, StressMarq develops and offers a wide selection of research tools to facilitate the study of Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegeneration.

The range of Alzheimer’s disease research products provided by StressMarq includes antibodies, proteins, immunoassays, small molecule inhibitors, and groundbreaking fibrillar protein constructs for Tau and Amyloid Beta, including Pre-formed Fibrils (PFFs), Oligomers, & Monomers. These products are crucial for researchers investigating Alzheimer’s disease, as they enable the examination of various aspects related to the disease’s pathogenesis, molecular mechanisms, and potential therapeutic interventions.

Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies

StressMarq offers an assortment of featured Alzheimer’s disease products, including monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, and antibody conjugates. These antibodies are invaluable tools for researchers to detect and target specific proteins of interest in their studies. Product highlights include:

Mouse Anti-Human Tau (pThr217) Monoclonal Antibody
Catalog No. SMC-615
Rabbit Anti-Human Tau Monoclonal Antibody
Catalog No. SMC-601
Rabbit Anti-Human Amyloid Oligomers (A11) Polyclonal
Catalog No. SPC-506

Amyloid Beta Pre-formed Fibrils (PFFs), Oligomers, and Monomers

StressMarq provides unique Amyloid Beta Pre-formed Fibrils (PFFs), oligomers, and monomers. The buildup of amyloid beta plaques in the brain is widely recognized as a key characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Over the last two decades, the majority of drugs evaluated for AD have focused on addressing the accumulation of amyloid beta. StressMarq’s Amyloid Beta Pre-formed Fibrils (PFFs), Oligomers, and Monomers open new possibilities for researchers to investigate the aggregation and pathological mechanisms associated with amyloid beta in vitro and in vivo. Product highlights include:

Human Synthetic Amyloid Beta 1-42 Pre-formed Fibrils
Catalog No. SPR-487
Human Amyloid Beta Pyroglutamate 3-42 Pre-formed Fibrils
Catalog No. SPR-492
Human Synthetic Amyloid Beta 1-42 Oligomers
Catalog No. SPR-488

Tau Pre-formed Fibrils (PFFs), Filaments and Monomers

Finally, StressMarq supplies a range of mutant and wild-type (WT) Tau Pre-formed Fibrils (PFFs) and Monomers, which have the ability to induce tau aggregation and pathology both in vitro and in vivo. These products are vital for investigating the underlying mechanisms of tau protein dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegenerative disease modeling.

Human Recombinant Tau (K18) P301L Mutant Protein Pre-formed Fibrils
Catalog No. SPR-330
Human Recombinant Tau-352 (fetal 0N3R) Wild-Type Pre-formed Fibrils
Catalog No. SPR-491
Mouse Recombinant Tau-430 (2N4R) P290S Mutant Protein Pre-formed Fibrils (human P301S equivalent)
Catalog No. SPR-475


Immunoassays such as ELISA kits are also available to enable the precise quantification and analysis of specific molecules involved in Alzheimer’s disease.

MOLECULAR SIGNATURE® Nitrotyrosine ELISA Kit (Colorimetric detection)
Catalog No. SKT-126
(Colorimetric measurement)
Catalog No. SKT-141

Small Molecule Inhibitors

For researchers studying the signaling pathways and potential therapeutic targets, StressMarq offers small molecule inhibitors, including ERK1/2 inhibitors and Kv3.4 inhibitors. These inhibitors can aid in elucidating the role of these pathways and channels in Alzheimer’s disease progression.

c-Myc Inhibitor
Catalog No. SIH-609
Transthyretin Dissociation Inhibitor
Catalog No. SIH-584
Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor
Catalog No. SIH-530

StressMarq is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of high-quality research products tailored to the specific needs of Alzheimer’s disease research. Their diverse portfolio equips scientists with the necessary tools to explore and advance the understanding of this progressive and devastating neurodegenerative disease.

About Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that accounts for approximately 70% of dementia cases. It manifests as a gradual decline in cognitive abilities, starting with short-term memory loss in the early stages. As the disease advances, individuals may experience language difficulties, disorientation, and mood swings.

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are primarily attributed to the widespread loss of neurons in the brain. The exact triggers for this cell death are still being elucidated, although research has indicated that the activation of ERK1/2 mediates neurotoxicity induced by amyloid beta oligomers, leading to neuronal degeneration.

Characteristic hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease found in the brains of affected individuals include the accumulation of extracellular amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles. These plaques form as a result of the cleavage of amyloid precursor protein (APP), giving rise to amyloid beta fibrils that aggregate and clump together outside the cells. Furthermore, during the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, an up-regulation of the voltage-gated potassium channel Kv3.4 has been observed.

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