Actin Antibodies and ELISA Kits

Assay Biotechnology offers a broad range of high-quality Actin Antibodies and ELISA Kits. The product range encompasses an array of antibodies and colorimetric cell-based ELISA kits targeting various forms and isoforms of the actin protein.

Actin is a fundamental component of the cytoskeleton and is involved in cellular structure, movement, and signaling processes.

Actin Antibodies

The Assay Biotech product range includes primary antibodies targeting different isoforms of actin, including α/γ, α1, α3, and β-actin. These antibodies are designed to recognize various forms of actin and its modifications.

Actinin Antibodies

The product range includes antibodies against actinin isoforms, including α1, α2/3, and α1/2/3/4. Actinins are involved in linking actin filaments to each other and to other proteins in the cytoskeleton.

Muscle-Specific Actin Antibodies

Antibodies targeting muscle-specific actin isoforms, such as skeletal muscle actin and cardiac muscle actin. These antibodies are valuable tools for studying muscle tissue and differentiation.

Plant Actin Antibodies

This range includes high-quality Antibodies specific to plant actin, useful for studying the cytoskeleton in plant cells.

Monoclonal Antibodies Targeting Specific Actin Isoforms

Monoclonal antibodies targeting specific actin isoforms, including skeletal muscle actin and β-actin, in different species. These antibodies are essential for precise targeting in research applications.

Featured Antibodies

Colorimetric Cell-Based ELISA Kits

Assay Biotech’s kits allow for the quantification of specific actin isoforms and modifications in cells using colorimetric assays. Available kits cover pan-actin, α-1 actin, γ2 actin, and actinin alpha-2/3.

The Colorimetric Cell-Based ELISA Kits are ready to use and also include a detailed protocol and safety datasheet with each product. These documents provide information about product specifications, quality control procedures, preparation, and performance characteristics. This ensures that researchers have all the required information to successfully perform the assay and interpret the results.

Featured ELISA Kits

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Assay Biotechnology’s extensive product range provides researchers with a comprehensive toolkit to investigate the different isoforms and modifications of the actin protein. As actin is involved in a wide range of cellular processes, from cell structure to cell movement, these products are crucial for advancing our understanding of cellular biology and related diseases.

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