Watlow’s Thin Silicone Rubber Heaters

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Watlow has developed an ultra-thin, flexible, light and yet rugged and resistant to the environment range of silicone rubber heaters which offers many advantages for applications in a laboratory and pharmaceutical research environment.

thin and rugged silicone rubber heaters

Ultra-thin silicone rubber heaters 

The flexible, lightweight and thin yet rugged silicone rubber heaters engineered by Watlow put heat where it is needed to improve heat transfer, accelerate warm-ups and reduce wattage requirements.

Rugged and flexible heaters

Reinforced with fiberglass, silicone rubber gives dimensional stability and security. These materials are resistant to moisture and chemicals. This makes Watlow’s silicone rubber heaters perfect for patient samples, as they can reduce humidity and condensation.

Ruggedness comes without sacrificing flexibility. A minimal amount of material separates the element from the part to enable rapid and efficient heat transfer. The ultra-thin construction of the silicon rubber heaters gives them the ability to be used in applications with limited space and more than 80 designs are available off the shelf.

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