Pharmaceutical Tablet Coating Machines

The pharmaceutical tablet coating machines produced by L.B. Bohle are redefining success in solid dosage form coating processes.

Pharmaceutical tablet coating machines for high efficiency, quality and profitability

L.B. Bohle, a technological-leader in the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical solid dosage production equipment, offers a best-in-class line of tablet coating systems, designed specifically to ensure the highest possible process efficiency and product quality.

By facilitating much shorter process times, whilst guaranteeing excellent mixing homogeneity and film uniformity and reducing losses of solids and spray coating, the L.B. Bohle BTC tablet coating machines are set to deliver maximum profitability even for the most demanding solid dosage coating processes.

Achieving perfect tablet coating uniformity

As tablet coating requires a combination of spraying, mixing and drying, it is crucial to ensure that all three processes are carried out with flawless synchronization and precision in order to achieve perfect coating uniformity.

The BTC Tablet Coater raises the benchmark for the highest quality in coating uniformity. With its top mixing performance this tablet coater guarantees optimal uniform application of coating.

Reducing processing time by up to 35 %

The Bohle BTC Tablet Coater has a flat tablet bed, patented air flow system and high spray volumes which offer the most economical tablet coating process on the market by shortening processing times up to 35%. The unique air flow design introduces process advantages that have been unattainable until now. For example, the risk of spray-drying the suspension is completely removed, minimising spray losses to less than 5% and enhancing the texture of the coating.

Redefining success in pharmaceutical tablet coating processes

L.B. Bohle’s state-of-the-art BTC Tablet Coater provides unrivalled quality, economy and speed in each production stage to bring tablet coating processes into a new era of success and profitability.

The integrated flat tablet bed design with long pan geometry provides the optimal flow of the tablet cores. Systematic forced guidance technology in the pan keeps the load in constant motion, thereby not only boosting homogeneous mixing but also preventing tablet breaking or twinning. With this set-up, significant loss of solids and coating have become issues of the past, whilst profitability is increased.

The new methods and techniques of the process as well as cleaning operations, take the functionality of the BTC pharmaceutical tablet coating machines to the next level in producing outstanding results.

Gentle handling of tablets and complete discharge

The innovative pan geometry together with the mixing elements ensures the gentle handling of the tablets. Tablets can be emptied out rapidly and completely thanks to the reversion in rotation direction of the pan.

Significant advantages of the BTC Tablet Coater include its compact construction for a ‘through-the-wall’ installation, the integrated control cabinet and simplistic, practical housing. All nozzles are provided with suspension fluid through a single pump head. Because the multi-panel display with the operator touch panel is mounted directly on the coater, the machine is easy to control and monitor.

Features of the BTC Tablet Coating Machines

The BTC400 Tablet Coater

The L.B. Bohle BTC Tablet Coating Machines benefit from a number of integrated innovative new-gen technologies ensuring:

  • Processing times reduced by up to 35 % compared to conventional coating systems
  • Homogeneous mixing due to patented spirals
  • Gentle tablet handling, no tablet breaking or twinning
  • Uniform film application
  • Losses of spray suspension minimized to less than 5%
  • Fast and complete discharge
  • Easy scale-up
  • User-friendly software and display

Pharmaceutical Tablet Coating Machines Variations

The BTC Tablet Coating Machines are available in different sizes and technical designs. An example model overview:

  • BTC 100 – Batch Size (brim volume): 50-160, Nozzles: 5, All nozzles are fed by one peristaltic pump head
  • BTC 200 – Batch Size (brim volume): 100-300, Nozzles: 6, All nozzles are fed by one peristaltic pump head
  • BTC 400 – Batch Size (brim volume): 200-650, Nozzles: 8, All nozzles are fed by one peristaltic pump head
  • BTC 600 – Batch Size (brim volume): 400-980, Nozzles: 10, All nozzles are fed by one peristaltic pump head

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