Watlow launches LEGACY SERIES Panel-mount Temperature Controllers

Watlow® has introduced its new LEGACY SERIES Panel-mount Temperature Controllers, which offer simple menus and are perfectly suited for basic applications and usage levels.

Watlow, a pioneer in the engineering, design and manufacture of complete thermal systems, has launched its industry-leading LEGACY SERIES panel-mount temperature controllers. These new panel-mount temperature controllers offer easy control without complicated features making the type of controllers perfectly suited for basic applications and usage levels.

Panel-mount temperature controllers with an easy config menu and free software

Standard bus communications are available on LEGACY SERIES controllers allowing for fast and easy product configuration via PC communications protocol and free software. This technology saves time, simplifies programming and improves the reliability of the controller setup. The new LEGACY SERIES temperature controllers offer many additional benefits as well including PID auto-tune for a quick and efficient startup, a touch-safe package for increased operator safety, a SMOOTHTOUCH™ keypad eliminating contamination points on the front of the controller and creating a better seal on the front panel as well as a function key for simple, one-touch operation of user-defined, repetitive activities.

Bluetooth mobile app connectivity

In addition, the new Watlow LEGACY SERIES controllers work with Watlow’s EZ-LINK™ mobile application that connects quickly and easily via Bluetooth® wireless communications for hassle-free controller setup and monitoring.

Andy Borkowski, product manager at Watlow commented:

“Many times, our customers require a simple controller rather than one of our more powerful and complex controllers, and we want to make sure we provide what is truly required rather than trying to up sell to a controller with features that are not needed. Watlow is proud to offer the LEGACY SERIES as a practical and economical option for basic applications in a variety of industries.”

The LEGACY SERIES is available in a 1/16 DIN panel mount package and will be followed soon by a 1/32 DIN. They can be ordered as PID process controllers or as dedicated over and under-temperature limit controllers.

For more information, please complete the enquiry form or visit www.watlow.com.

More about Watlow

Watlow is a global technology and manufacturing pioneer that provides first-in-class engineering expertise and innovative thermal products and temperature control systems that enable companies to thrive. Watlow brings its experience to numerous industries, including the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector, semiconductor processing, environmental chambers, energy processes, diesel emissions, and foodservice equipment.

Since 1922, Watlow has grown in product capability, market experience and international reach. The company holds more than 980 patents and employs 2,000 employees working in nine manufacturing facilities and three technology centers in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Watlow also has sales offices in 50 countries around the globe. The company continues to grow, while the commitment remains the same – to provide its customers with superior products and services for their individual needs.

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