Advanced ceramic heaters benefits for analytical equipment

How advanced ceramic heaters offer more design flexibility
for mass spectrometers and other pieces of analytical equipment

A WATLOW White Paper

At present, many of the heaters used in modern analytical equipment are metal-sheathed heaters based on legacy technology developed around two to three decades ago, thus likely restricting design advancement.

Advanced ceramic heaters, on the other hand, are smaller, respond quicker, can be operated more accurately and can be more resilient to environmental contamination. These ceramic heaters also provide greater design flexibility and are easier to integrate into the analytical equipment, allowing the production and assembly process to run smoother.

The ULTRAMIC advanced ceramic heaters by Watlow in particular, can help analytical equipment manufacturers improve product performance and design, as well as speed up their time to the market.

Analytical equipment, such as gas chromatograph mass spectrometers (GC-MSs), is used to assess the existence of trace chemicals in a variety of scientific, manufacturing and clinical environments. This equipment requires the ionization of the sample and inert gas, which in turn needs a heating element that can reach a precise temperature fast.

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