AI-Based HCS Image Analysis Software

The StrataQuest AI-assisted high-content screening (HCS) image cytometry software offers solutions for multiple applications in analysing large volumes of complex data to recognise variations in cell properties and advance research and drug discovery.

Advanced contextual exploration of IHC/HC and IF

TissueGnostics has developed a next-generation software suite for advanced image analysis utilising algorithms assisted by machine-learning and deep learning neural networks to enable contextual exploration of IHC/HC and IF processed samples, bringing phenotypical and functional analysis as known from flow cytometry (FACS) into tissue context.

AI-based HCS image analysis software for drug discovery

Drug discovery programs are steadily moving towards integrating AI-based high-content screening (HCS) image analysis software. StrataQuest is a truly comprehensive image analysis operations suite capable of a broad range of applications.

StrataQuest can be used in immunophenotyping, to determine the immune status of tissues in-situ, by interpreting huge quantities of information. The AI-based image analysis software facilitates auto-detection of specific cell types, intracellular proteins and mRNA sequences (FISH, CISH, RNAscope) thereby deducing cell functions within individual cells as well as of interactions among cells/cell types.

Deep-learning image analysis software

StrataQuest can be used for identification of single cells even in dense tissue (e.g. lymphatic organs) through Deep Learning algorithms, a technique that improves the objectivity and efficiency of histopathologic slide analysis.

Classification of tissue structures by Machine Learning

StrataQuest can perform automated classification of tissue structures by Machine Learning algorithms into any number of classes. The application of machine learning is particularly advantageous to conventional image processing programs in solving complex multi-dimensional data analysis tasks. Tissue classification via machine learning allows a more direct and fluid transference of expertise for discriminating between complex morphologies using minimal user input.

High-content phenotyping by multiplexing and spectral unmixing

The comprehensive approach of phenotypic imaging to model disease-relevant pathways and phenotypes in vitro, offers richer information than target-optimised assays by investigating multiple cellular pathways simultaneously and producing multiplexed readouts.

StrataQuest provides high-content phenotyping by multiplexing and spectral unmixing which is essential for a better understanding of cellular processes. Accurate assessment of subcellular markers is key to distinguish cells from each other and to identify potential irregularities within the cellular structure.

In tumor & cellular microenvironments StrataQuest can perform phenotypic characterization of cell-populations in spatial context.

AI-based image analysis software for molecular single-cell profiling

The AI-based imaging analysis software also offers molecular single-cell profiling using antibody labeling, FISH, CISH, the novel multiplex nucleic acid in situ hybridization (ISH) assay RNAScope and expansion microscopy.

It further serves for quantification of pathogens, including intracellular parasites (e.g. leishmania) and viral load (e.g. SARS-CoV-2, Influenza, HIV, Zika, etc.).

StrataQuest suite application areas

The AI imaging software can support your R&D with:

  • High content phenotyping including co-expression analysis, spatial relationships and proximity measurements
  • (Immune) Tumor Microenvironment analysis
  • Machine learning tissue classification
  • Detection of tumor foci
  • Identification of dot markers including multicolour RNAScope, FISH and CISH
  • Metastructures detection:
    • Granuloma analysis
    • Skin morphology

  • Detection of intracellular structures and parasites:
    • Leishmaniasis analysis
    • Cytoskeletal analysis
    • Neurite analysis
  • Adipocyte analysis
  • Endometriosis analysis
  • Pulmonary analysis
  • Macrophage analysis
  • Glial cells analysis
  • Custom made analysis algorithms
StrataQuest: Contextual image analysis solution with integrated AI modules

StrataQuest Next-gen AI and Smart Features

  • Machine learning tissue classifier
  • Deep learning nuclear segmentation
  • Comprehensive image analysis operations suite
  • Flexible image pre-processing
  • Limitless layers of analysis stacking
  • App support

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