Rapid Legionella qPCR Test Kit

The rapid Legionella qPCR test kit enables the simultaneous detection of all Legionella species associated with infection from a single water sample.

The breakthrough Bio Lp-1 test kit for accurate and fast detection of Legionella pneumophila is easy and convenient to use. The qPCR test works on the leading real-time PCR platform and includes all components to process a water sample directly.

Rapid and Comprehensive Legionella Test Kit

The Bio Lp-1-Legionella multiplex one-step qPCR test kit is highly sensitive and detects extremely low levels of Legionella. The assay is also developed to target specific and distinct DNA sequences within the Legionella genome.

The test kit brings a unique advancement for Legionella detection in water, as it is the world’s first open platform rapid NAD kit for detecting and identifying multiple Legionella species at the same time. The test is simple to use and comes in a lyophilized powder form. It contains all of the components needed to treat a water sample directly.

Simultaneous Detection of All Infection-linked Legionella Species

The PCR products from four separate reactions can be detected by specific DNA probes labeled with four different fluorophores. This enables the detection of all Legionella species linked with infection, all L. pneumophila serogroups (1-16), and specifically identifies L. pneumophila sg-1, which is accountable for approx. 95% of human infections. Internal amplification control is also included in the master mix to further validate that the PCR is performing correctly.

The Legionella test kit includes negative and positive DNA control enabling to prepare standards of 10E5 GU, 10E4 GU, 10E3 GU, 10E2 GU, 10E1 GU (with 1 GU = one genomic unit) and a DNA purification kit that is optimized for the isolation of Legionella DNA isolated from water samples.

Testing Water for all Legionella Within 5 hours

Legionella bacteria, which is commonly found in water, can cause a serious type of pneumonia known as Legionnaires’ disease. Although it is relatively rare, this disease can have potentially lethal outcomes, so accurate and complete legionella water testing is very important.

Bio Lp-1 can differentiate between Legionella spp, all L. pneumophila serogroups 1-16, and L. pneumophila-serogroup 1 concurrently in a single water sample, providing a comprehensive and accurate Legionella profile. With these reliable test results, the precise risk to public health can be identified and addressed very quickly.

In the event of an epidemic, proper remedial procedures can be initiated and their performance assessed in order to minimize and eradicate Legionella bacteria from a contaminated water system. With the rapid Legionella qPCR test kit, water quality and safety could be ensured in less than 5 hours.


  • Full Legionella profile in 5 hours
  • Detects and identifies Legionella genus, Legionella pneumophila and Lp-sg1 from one water sample
  • Detects extremely low levels of Legionella
  • Compatible with the leading real-time PCR platforms
  • Includes all necessary components for direct sample testing
  • Provided in freeze-dried form

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