Rapid Plasma Protein Binding Assay

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The new versatile plasma protein binding assay for sticky and tightly bound compounds can be used with plasma from any species.

Plasma Protein Binding Assay

An accurate off-the-shelf high sensitivity plasma protein binding kit that requires only 30 min incubation time.

The TRANSIL High Sensitivity Binding Kit accurately determines the unbound fraction of drugs that are tightly bound to plasma proteins – even when the unbound fraction is well below 1%.

The rapid plasma protein binding assay has excellent recovery for drugs that exhibit too high unspecific binding in other assay systems or precipitate because of deficient solubility. It determines the fraction of drug bound to plasma indirectly by measuring the partitioning of a drug between the plasma proteins and artificial cell membranes. With its unique capabilities, this assay can also be used for measuring plasma protein binding of a wide range of peptide drugs. This allows easy optimization of peptide half-life by modulating their affinity to plasma.

The TRANSIL High Sensitivity Binding Kit

Six step assay kit with pre-filled buffer and membrane beads

The assay kit consists of silanized glass vials pre-filled with buffer and membrane beads. It requires only 6 steps:

  1. addition of plasma
  2. addition of drug candidate
  3. incubation for 30 minutes while mixing
  4. removal of beads by centrifugation
  5. precipitation of plasma
  6. quantification of compounds
TRANSIL High Sensitivity Binding Kit – A Novel Plasma Protein Binding Assay for Sticky and Tightly Bound Compounds


Detection systems:

  • LC/MS/MS
  • Scintillation counting
  • Others

Parameters estimated:

  • Fraction unbound in plasma (any species)
  • Affinity to phosphatidylcholine membranes

Features & Benefits of the Plasma Protein Binding Assay Kit

  • Fast, requires only 30 minutes of incubation time
  • Accurate detection of very low free fractions (<1%)
  • A versatile assay that can be used with plasma from any species
  • High recovery even with very sticky drugs
  • User-friendly assay system and easy handling

Superior method for dose-finding

Due to superior sensitivity and high recovery, the TRANSIL High Sensitivity Binding Assay is the method of choice for accurate determination of the free fraction of a drug in all preclinical species to scale dose-response and dose-toxicity relationships prior to first-in-man studies.

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